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7 Incorrect Assumptions about Live Chat Software

7 Incorrect Assumptions about Live Chat Software

These were all sore points a decade or two ago, but technology has come a long way. Today’s naysayers of live chat software only have a handful of gripes remaining – most of which have been addressed by more conscientious web chat providers.

The following issues have been sourced from several blogs, whitepapers and news reports as well as from our own contact with customers.


1.It’s not as secure

Yes, it’s probably easier than intercepting a phone call, but every quality live chat solution should include 128bit encryption and connect over HTTPS. This keeps the chance of someone obtaining sensitive information to an absolute minimum. This means that messages between customer and company are no more or less at risk than a standard e-mail service. However, the ability to pose security questions to the customer in real time and the  fact that past chats, email addresses and chat authentication details can be kept separately in the software’s database (rather than the e-mail’s thread), means that chat is actually the safer option. This is especially true if the chat operators are kept in-house.


 2. You can’t track operator performance

For larger companies that enjoy crunching numbers, ROI is everything. Despite integration of complex analytics, there are still businesses that maintain operator performance can’t be properly managed through live chat. There are now a number of options available to see how operators are performing. For example, our software allows customers to track operator downtime, which conversions were assisted chat, the duration of the chat and much more. Concerns about inappropriate words or sensitive information being shared by operators can also be combatted by using a customisable filter.


3. No one will use it

Nobody likes change, until they see the benefits. This is no different with technology. The best way to encourage employees to use the live chat software is by showing them how it can make their job easier. You can also give them a gentle push in the right direction by setting up their default login time. Downtime can be monitored and chat allocation can be handled automatically by the system (which will balance allocation according to workload) or by a designated operator. Another advantage of a hosted solution is that it can be outsourced.


4. People will mess with the Software

Once a new piece of software is adopted by employees, companies face a new challenge trying to manage the changes operators make to the system. Incorrectly assigning chats, changing the chat window design and editing or removing dialogue shortcuts are all actions that can complicate an otherwise elegant solution. Avoid this by providing full operator training and restricting access to customisable aspects of the live chat software. Most modern solutions come with a range of auditing functions. Our own technology allows you to view account creation and configuration for each user for complete transparency.


5. It’s Too Complicated

Part of the struggle of introducing new tools to the workplace is teaching employees how to use them properly; this is no different with phone operators that have to learn a script. The advantage of licensing quality live chat software is that it should come with a built-in help library. As a provider focused on and located in the UK, we are only a phone call away from providing direct support. We can also offer on-site training. Compared to internal process changes or the challenges of building your own system from scratch, live chat software is a time, money and hassle-saver.


6. We don’t want to be liable for our customer’s data

Customers are aloof to the throttling bureaucracy of the commercial world, but the need to keep customer data secure, no matter how trivial, is an ever pressing concern for companies. It’s understandable that adding live chat software is a big responsibility in terms of protecting customer information. The truth is that SaaS companies have made a business out of protecting their data and therefore have a more secure infrastructure environment than their customers. You’re not just licensing software when you invest in live chat software, but peace of mind as well.


7. It’s Too Expensive

Tourism and leisure, advertising, cosmetics, automobile, publishing, real estate – it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, it’s all about making money. What most companies forget is that live chat software has the potential to convert more sales and reduce costs. As smartphones, tablets and VoIP popularity continue to grow in popularity, providers compete fiercely for customers. The 21st century marks the first time in history when analogue cellular data stands to be undercut by digital. Concern about Live Chat Software pricing is as ubiquitous as it is misplaced, especially when you consider that you are giving operators the ability to handle multiple chats at once.


As a live chat software provider it’s easy to sound biased, so it’s important to point out the technology’s limitations. For example, if a customer is struggling with a particularly difficult issue, it is still advisable to have them pick up the phone. We have several customers who utilise live chat solely as a tool for initial engagement.

There are businesses who have a genuine reason to think twice about live chat software (e.g. not having enough operators ready), but they are still vastly outnumbered by businesses whose apprehension is misplaced and who hesitate simply because the technology is relatively new. This short blog will hopefully address some reservations of the live chat software cynics


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