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The best live chat software gives you eyeContact

Live video streaming enabling full 2-way face to face and voice communications between your team and visitors on your website.

best live chat software

FULLY Integrated

All you need is a standard microphone, speakers and webcam with no need to download or install any additional software.

Videochat window within the Click4Assistance website chat software


Body Language accounts for up to 93% of the meaning people take from any human communication. Introducing video connection provides your visitors with a personalised one on one interaction, transforming your online presence into a real life experience.


The best live chat software provides the opportunity to build in 1-way video feed, similar to the Kindle solution with the operator broadcasting to the visitor or vice versa. Why not implement 2-way streaming for a complete personalised interaction.


Customised Video chat window available within the best live chat software

All aspects of the Click4Assistance solution are fully customisable, video chat is no exception! Configure your video chat window to your requirements for a seamless fit with your website and company branding. Position your logo, video feed and other marketing messages anywhere within your window for a tailor made experience.

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Shield with person icon indicating the best live chat software builds trust with visitors

Build Trust

The best live chat software provides a personalised method of communication allowing your visitor to see the real people behind your website.

Person with arrows icon indicating incresed sales and leads when using web chat software

More Leads, More Sales

Seamlessly move from text to voice and video communication to qualify leads and close sales opportunities.

Audience icon indicating the ability to demonstrate products with online chat software

Product Demonstration

Allow your team to demonstrate your products to potential buyers in real-time, or visitors can show your team items or requirements to aid understanding.


Click4Assistance continues to push the boundaries of online communication, exploring audience receptivity and technological capabilities in order to provide the best live chat software. Continuing research and development ensures that you stay ahead of the competition. Visit our Support pages for more information on Video Chat

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