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Add Chat to Website to Convert your Summer Traffic

Add Chat to Website to Convert your Summer Traffic


With extra traffic coming to business’s websites, it is vital to make the most out of it, and not let visitors leave unsatisfied, without first trying to address their requirements. Changes to the website can make it work harder for your business and convert more sales. Adding Live chat to website enables visitors to communicate immediately on the website, allowing them to ask questions before they choose to leave the company’s site.

Live chat software is preferred by consumers, with the highest satisfaction rate of 73% compared to email and phone channels. Visitors are more likely to have experienced live chat software across websites and are happy to get an instant reply to fit around their hectic lifestyles. Millennials prefer text based communication, most under 25’s favour using their mobile and tablet devices to converse. Ensuring business websites are up to date with the most recommended technology will ensure visitors can contact representatives in the most convenient manner.

add chat to website to attract millennial consumers

Click4Assistance has been providing UK based live chat software and support for over 10 years to online retailers, built to customer requirements to ensure the communication channel offers the best method for online shops to increase sales. One of the features favoured by online retailers using the Click4Assistance software is Auto Navigate. A company representative can copy product pages URLs and send through chat to the visitor, the URL will automatically open the specific page separately in the visitor’s browser, allow the representative to cross and upsell and literally point the visitor in the right direction if they need further information.

Co-Browse is another popular feature amongst online retailers, this feature allows representatives to see an exact copy of the visitor’s view of the website, this enables them to talk them through what they are viewing. Security is a big issue involved in Co-Browse, therefore, a piece of script needs to be placed on the website for Co-Browse to work. This the representatives only sees the pages on the website and not of external sites. A representative cannot take control of the visitor’s browser as there would be a possibility for users to amend shopping baskets.

The most used feature for all industries is Pre-defined replies. More widely known as canned messages, these can help speed up responses to the most repetitive questions, and be edited to completely fit the visitor’s questions. Pre-defined replies can be configured at any time, during set up or operators with admin permission can add them during a chat.

These features help to build the customer satisfaction level by giving the representative the tools they need to deliver the best service possible.

Fashion retailer Bonmarché, implemented live chat software to help their target demographic of women aged 55+, with their purchases on the website. The button and windows have been customised to Bonmarché’s branding and with feedback from their customers, Bonmarché ensured their button was retractable to not interfere with their customers’ browsing and experience of the website, but available when they wanted to enquire about stock and delivery.

Add live chat to website before the holidays to have your business website ready to convert your visitors. To find out more about Click4Assistance live chat software, contact our friendly team today on 0845 123 5871. 

Author: Gemma Baker
Gemma is the Marketing Executive for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with a range of digital knowledge within PPC advertising, SEO practices, email campaigns and social media.

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