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Adding Live Chat Software - A Non-Traditional Contact Form

Adding Live Chat Software - A Non-Traditional Contact Form

      1. Sales

Chat conversations verify the shopper’s interest and get the sales process started immediately. By comparison, not all contact forms give your website visitor the same courtesy. Even automated confirmation emails are not instant, taking minutes or even hours to arrive.

    2. Availability

Live chat is highly accessible compared to a contact form because it can appear easily on every page of your website. Contact forms can be integrated in the same way, but it’s much more difficult to include a full form on every page than a small chat button. Customers unable to find contact details on your website will only become frustrated and leave the website.

   3. Customer Service

Live chat software is only as good as its operators. An effective live chat operator will guide prospective customers around the website and advise them on the available products or services. The passive nature of the contact form means it is much less effective at providing customer support.

   4. Relationship Building

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to engage in a dialogue with a potential customer. Adding live chat software is the only way website visitors can engage instantly with your team. Visitors contact you without picking up the phone or typing out an email. A well performed live chat window can warm up customers for a phone call or appointment. With a contact form, you rely on the fact that website visitors are already willing to receive a phone call or appointment.

   5. Customer Support

Taking a car dealership as an example, adding live chat software would help with insurance, parts and other enquiries. Visitor forms are nowhere near as active; forcing website visitors to wait for the dealer to get in contact with them.

Live chat software is much more than a glorified virtual answering machine. Correctly implemented live chat can guide visitors through an online store, set appointments (through integration with CRM) and perform other actions beyond the scope of a traditional contact form. Furthermore, the Click4Assistance live chat software is capable of switching to a “Call-Back” button during out-of-office hours or when there are no operators available. Click4Assistance has been providing live chat software for car dealers and a wide array of other industry sectors for over 10 years. If you think you could benefit from replacing your traditional contact form with an innovative alternative, register for our no-obligation free 14 day trial.

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