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The Benefits of Our New Website Chat Software File Transfer Feature

The Benefits of Our New Website Chat Software File Transfer Feature

How, though, can this benefit a company?

It helps to hit customer pain points

'Pain points' as such, are the areas of dispute that customers have regarding a product or a service. It could be the price of a product, whether or not it can be used in certain situations, or even the levels of communication that they want from a service. Whilst the customer still possesses the pain point, they're going to be uncertain about spending. Document sharing can help to ease their concerns. For instance, if a potential client was unsure about whether the types of reports they were going to be issued at the end of the month, they could be immediately sent an example of a typical report, which they could view and ask questions about.

It can answer any and all queries

When combined with careful planning, a document file transfer could lead to virtually all customer concerns being dealt with in the initial conversation. If the company was to invest some initial time developing Q&A or FAQ sheets on each of the main areas they offer (such as one on billing and invoicing, one on guarantees, or one on each product) then they would instantly be able to sent the customer a detailed response to their queries, who would then be able to respond in turn to this information, and the whole sales conversation would take place straight away.

It minimises breaks in the sales process

Every customer wants to feel special, which is why it's important to ensure that every experience they have with your company is a good one. File sharing can aid this. As noted in the point above, it would enable a company to provide every single answer that the customer has within the first conversation, meaning that although this initial discussion might be longer, the customer will then know whether or not they’re going to make the spend immediately. This can drastically minimise the amount of time spent dealing with customers who simply aren't sure - in turn, this is a money saver.


It'll minimise multi-tasking

Whilst multi-tasking is, to an extent, an essential in modern business, anything that can be done in order to minimise should be valued. The more customers that continue to come back and forth with more queries,  the more chance there is of a mistake being made. Effective use of file sharing means that, as a rule, a customer should rarely have to call more than once.

It fills in the gaps

Within any sales team, there are inevitably going to be crossovers in sales cases. Sometimes it's that a potential lead has requested a call back at five, when the customer service assistant who initially took the call is no longer in the office. Other times, it's simply that the customer returns the call when the original sales assistant wasn’t around. This swapping of cases can lead to information, data and even whole leads being lost in translation. The ability to answer almost any queries in the initial conversation will help to cut down the amount of return calls, and as a result will ensure that sales go up; those working with website chat software will be able to close sales first time more easily.


We pride ourselves on using customer feedback to improve our services and process. That’s why we’d love to hear from any customers who’ve already started to make use of this system. Give us a call now!

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