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How businesses can guarantee that online chat software does not fail

How businesses can guarantee that online chat  software does not fail

Operators can handle multiple chats, assisting visitors efficiently. However, implementing live chat or using it incorrectly can cause more problems than it can solve.

Here are our steps to follow to ensure live chat isn’t a flop:


For visitors to start a chat with your operators they need to know that your chat is available. Positioning of the chat button is vitally important; implementing your button above the fold on every page is a good place to start, if you have your contact details in a common place e.g. top right, adding your chat button to this area will ensure that consumers who wish to contact you will see your button. Alternatively using a ‘sticky’ button is also a good option, as it will always stay in view even if a visitor has scrolled down the page.

Using your corporate colours will deliver a seamless fit within your website; however, this may cause your button to blend in with everything else on your website. Therefore using a contrasting colour will ensure the button will stand out.

Pop ups

Sending proactive invitations or promotions will make visitors aware of your online chat software or of certain information e.g. discounted products. Rules defining how and when the images are presented allow you to fully automate this process.

Set up your own rules that suit your needs e.g. if a visitor hits a specific page or if they have been on your website more than 30 seconds. Furthermore, using rules to define when a proactive invitation or promotion is sent again will prevent customers getting aggravated e.g. do not send out another proactive for 5 minutes after the initial invitation.


Visitors do not want to click on a live chat button expecting to have their queries answered, only to be left hanging on as they are unaware that there are no operator’s available. Ensure that there is at least one operator available throughout your business hours.

Using a call back form out of hours, contact details can be collected or a simple message can be presented to inform that there are no operators available and that they will be available between certain times.

Using a pre chat form can collect contact details about your visitor and even details about the nature of enquiry so they can be directed to the right department.


Following up

Using post chat surveys allows visitors to give you feedback quickly; this helps with improving service and can highlight any training areas that need to be addressed.

Online chat software that integrates with CRM systems allow contact details and chats to be recorded; if any previous chatters come back, their information can be viewed or the original operator can be allocated the chat, this means that customers do not have to repeat details and enables operators to build rapport with visitors.


Implementing online chat software correctly is vital, if a visitor has one bad experience with your live chat it will reflect on your brand. If you want to speak to an expert in this field, contact the Click4Assistance team on 0845 123 5871 to find out more about getting the best out of online chat software.


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