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Something New and Exciting This Way Comes

Something New and Exciting This Way Comes

Suggestions from customers using the Click4Assistance solution on a daily basis play a big part in the formation of our development roadmap.

During the lifecycle of a software release enhancements are regularly added to improve functionality and usability. As the solution is fully hosted, changes are released automatically without the need to re-download or install patches locally.

Unlike Nigella Lawson, software does not age gracefully and every 3-4 years require a facelift. As technological advances are made, improved platforms become available to further improve functionality. When redeveloping the software from the ground up, existing customer suggestions are considered and integrated into the development plan where appropriate.

And that is exactly what our developers have been doing over the last year…

Introducing - Experiences by Click4Assistance

Experiences by Click4Assistance, is the latest software due to be released this year, which concentrates on not only your customers experience but focuses on the solution’s usability for your operators.

There are 6 communication tools, each provide a unique ability to shape your visitors’ experience:

  • Live Chat
  • SmartContact
  • Video Chat
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Click2Call
  • Promotions

These are managed within a flexible dashboard that is customisable with a choice of backgrounds and configurable features.

Live Chat

Chat on your website instantly connects your business with your visitor via text based communication to assist with product, service or purchase enquiries.


smartContact forms are completely flexible for information gathering, they can include call-back, demo request or sign-up, among other designs. The customisability enables organisations to easily collect lead generation details.

Video Chat

With the functionality of live chat built in, video chat can broadcast the visitor and /or the operator for voice and video, building the customer’s trust and loyalty.

Meeting Rooms

Regardless of location, collaborate with multiple participants in an online space. Offer virtual open days or host webinars and product launches.


Visitors can request a phone-call free of charge over the normal phone network; this automatically connects them to a member of your team, reducing any waiting times.


Display your latest products and special deals to your visitors and automatically redirect their browser to the relevant page for further information.

What Has Been Enhanced?

The sleek new look isn’t just a pretty face!

Drag and drop functionality now provides even easier access to predefined replies, chat categories and auto navigation links. Agents can now grab replies, categories and links straight from the library and drop them into the relevant chat. It doesn’t stop there; this functionality allows easy reordering and sorting when administering the library.

Configured lists including Predefined Replies, Chat Categories, Restricted Entries, Auto Navigation links, Block Visitors and Routing Groups can all be exported as a CSV file which will include all the information within the software. This is great for members of staff to analyse the entries and to make any updates.

Chat routing has also had a revamp, multiple groups can now be configured to receive chats to be used as overflow, for example if one team is at capacity, a secondary group can handle the additional chats. Or timescales may be added if your teams work on a rota or shift basis. You can even send chats to call centre account for out of hours cover.

We have much more to tell you so please ensure you follow our forthcoming blogs for more news…

Interested in seeing Experiences by Click4Assistance in action?

Click4Assistance will be introducing the brand new solution at the B2B Marketing Show, the event will held over the 28th and 29th March at Excel in London and tickets are completely free, visit for information and to order your complimentary tickets.

To keep up to date with the latest news about the new solution, speak with our friendly team on 0845 123 5871, alternatively to add other contacts in your organisation to our mailing list, email with their relevant details. 

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