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Augmented Reality, Out of this World

Augmented Reality, Out of this World


For example, Augmented Reality in retail includes ideas of; “Top Shop Kinect Dressing Room” which allows customers to virtually try on clothes, instead of physically, which saves time. An “IKEA AR Catalogue” allowing customers to see what pieces of furniture would look best in their home. And also a “Converse Shoe Sampler” which enabled customers to select the type of shoe they want to try on, and it virtually appears on their foot.

Some of these ideas sound crazy and unreachable – for now anyway! – Let’s stick to today, and let the tech gurus surprise us in the near future.


We all know the problems that may occur in the office, like; many incoming calls, batches of emails, and a general increase of workload. It can get very busy and stressful when only one operator can talk to one client at a time on the telephone. However, chat integration increases phone line availability for outbound calls, and also increases operators’ productivity as they can handle multiple enquiries at once. Sending emails can lead to long correspondence, whereas live chat is instant and no need to wait for a reply!

Trying to fit workload into a whole working day is hard – especially when there isn’t enough hours in a day. Why stress when enquiries can be answered by the correct colleague or department? Chat integration makes it easy with the use of a Department Selector which allows the visitor choose a specific department, and they can chat straight away. Or operators may find themselves unable to answer a certain enquiry, they can use the transfer system to direct the customer to the correct department. It can be difficult to redirect a visitor to the correct page on a website over the phone, representatives can use the auto navigation system to direct customers straight to the page they’re looking for.

Honeywell Using a Live Chat Tool

Honeywell implemented chat integration

Intermec Inc. part of the Honeywell Group, design leading data capture and information management solutions at the interface between mobile workers, assets and customers. Honeywell implemented Click4Assistance live chat tool for 12 of their international websites, using our advanced workflows. Each website chat button, chat windows and surveys are configured in the appropriate language – e.g French, English, Spanish etc. Our chat integration ensures chats are sent to the correct operator for their language.

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Author: Rae Boyling
Rae is the Marketing Assistant for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with experience in copy and original writing, Rae produces content for articles appearing on the Click4Assistance website and email campaigns.

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