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Click4Assistance Customer Tubz Brands Continue to Raise Fantastic Amounts of Money for Charity

Click4Assistance Customer Tubz Brands Continue to Raise Fantastic Amounts of Money for Charity

How Tubz have helped?

Tubz Brands have partnered with multiple companies and the charity, Starlight, which is a Children’s charity organisation. They’ve been working together over the past 18 months, raising an amazing amount of £127,000. Tubz Brands have decided to commit for another 5 years, donating a minimum of 10p through every sale with Tubz brand Vending Towers. The company are looking forward to contributing to Starlight’s upcoming events.

Working with Galaxy, Rowntree and Nestle, they raised a massive £190,943.33 since 1st May 2013 and would like to thank their customers for support. Tubz outsell their market rivals by at least 30%, in some cases as much as 150%. Tubz provide clear containers, which allows customers to actually see the product and the high quality encourages customers to come back for more.


What does Starlight do?

Starlight is the charity that Tubz most associates with. They’re a children’s wish granting charity organisation entertaining them by providing fun, laughter and distraction. With professional healthcare, Starlight have developed a programme of year round entertainment, helping over 500,000 children every year by providing them with activities such as pantomimes, parties, games and even trips out of the hospitals.

‘Often treatment of Cancer or other serious illnesses in children involves unpleasant and painful procedures. It is very difficult to make them happy at this time. This is what Starlight does best for hospitals and hospices all over the country,’ says Leading Consultant Children’s Cancer Specialist.

Starlight held a summer party last year which Tubz brand attended, helping out in the head office and managed to hand out 2000 Tubz of sweets and treats to the families.


tubz sweets chat software for business


What Tubz thinks of Click4Assistance chat software for business

Frank Smith of Tubz Brands explained why they have implemented chat software for business and how they found the whole process. “We decided on Click4Assistance as they were based in the UK and you can speak to a real person from the moment we contacted Click4Assistance we felt at home. The people were all so helpful and patient with us, from our customer manager to the technical advisor. Nothing was too much trouble and from our experience of the programme so far it is so versatile and can be what you want it to be. You can have as many regular reports as you want with so much data that you can target exactly where you want your prospect to come from. Our experience so far we would certainly recommend Click4Assistance.”

Click4Assistance would like to congratulate Tubz, for their achievement and we wish them good luck for the near future. If your company wishes for us to promote your achievements, please get in touch with your account manager by calling on 0845 1235871.

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