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Click4Assistance & Nopcommerce

Click4Assistance & Nopcommerce

"nopCommerce – the best open source .net based e-commerce solution! nopCommerce is available for free. A solution with comprehensive features that is easy to use for new online businesses, yet powerful enough for the most demanding e-commerce expert. It’s a secure, scalable and extendable e-commerce platform."

The widget allows you to implement both the chat button and the proactive chat invitations

To enjoy all of the great features the Toolbox has to offer, simply go to the NopCommerce store, search for Click4Assistance and follow the simple instructions.

Once you are ready to add your new live chat button, we recommend placing it in a prominent position on your website.

This means above the fold and preferably in the top right corner of every page

Statistics have shown that this area receives an increased click through rate, as it’s where most visitors look for contact information.

There are a huge range of online systems available out there, whether they are installable client based applications, bespoke web-based solutions, third party ecommerce or content management systems. Our development team are continually investigating simple implementation techniques to ensure Click4Assistance is even easier to install on all platforms.

To find out more about the platforms that integrate with our Live Chat software, keep an eye on our news and social media. For software or development companies interested embedding Click4Assistance to your own systems, you can contact us direct on 0845 123 5871.

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