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Click4Assistance Makes Key Changes to its Website to Improve User Engagement Levels

Click4Assistance Makes Key Changes to its Website to Improve User Engagement Levels

A live Twitter feed has already been added to the right hand banner on the homepage to ensure visitors can keep up with the company’s latest posts without following an external link. Those who want to get involved in the conversation can even Tweet @C4AUK directly from the page.

In addition, company director Gary Martin has unveiled plans to add new sliding images to the top of the page to better showcase his product to visitors. Customised images of live chat windows are also likely to be included in the design.

Gary believes that working to improve the look and feel of the site on an ongoing basis is the key to keeping his brand fresh and continuing to engage online customers

“Though we’re generally happy with the website, we’re always investigating different ideas and testing new features,” he explains. “Naturally, our goal is to capture the user’s interest from the moment they land on the page and ensure our company leaves a lasting impression for all the right reasons. We’re also committed to ensuring that our potential customers are able to find all the information they’re looking for as quickly as possible, as we appreciate the value of a site that’s easy to navigate.

“Essentially, we want to practice what we preach by using our huge range of analytics and conversion tools to highlight the areas of the website that can be improved, then act upon our findings. We’re sure that our website will continue to evolve over the coming months as we continue to focus on bringing our visitors the best possible online experience.”

Further changes will be made in the coming weeks, so be sure to return to the site regularly to witness the new design taking shape

Helping clients to converse, monitor and engage with their customers, Click4Assistance is the UK’s best live chat software provider, supplying bespoke online communications solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company is always one step ahead of expectations and ensures its partners are armed with the very latest technology, including cutting-edge web analytics tools, to maximise their ROI from the software they choose to implement. For more information please call 0845 123 5871 to speak to a member of the team directly.

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