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Click4Assistance Releases Mobile-Friendly Live Chat Software

Click4Assistance Releases Mobile-Friendly Live Chat Software

May sees Click4Assistance further enhance existing mobile chat functionality for website visitors. The live chat window can now behave like a liquid –  adjusting to the shape of its container for maximum usability regardless of the visitor’s device, resolution or browser. The new responsive design model is 100% customisable and ideally suited for UK’s fragmented mobile device market.

An independent report by WeAreApps revealed that 60.4% of UK’s population are smartphone users. By 2017, smartphone users are expected to account for nearly 81% of all mobile users.

By 2017, tablets are expected to join the mass-market device, with 1 in 2 people owning a device of the tablet format.

The smartphone market share is torn between the Android (68%) and iOS (19%) mobile operating systems, with Windows (10%) and Blackberry (3.4%) falling far behind. Even without looking at the various screen resolutions and browsers, this creates a challenging environment for website owners.

The Click4Assistance responsive design caters for a multi-mobile audience; allowing clients to add their logo, strapline and brand colours with full mobile compatibility. Like the desktop counterpart, the mobile chat facilitates  an unlimited number of pre-chat (collect contact details/name), chat window and post-chat (surveys, feedback) combinations.

Customising the live chat window for smartphone and tablet visitors will allow clients to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving mobile usability 

The mobile chat enhancement represents one of the many client-driven developments that keep Click4Assistance at the forefront of UK’s competitive live chat software market.

The Click4Assistance team provides a range of consultation and design work to optimise your chat window for UK’s mobile market. For a best practice guide on chat window design for a mobile market, please contact Click4Assistance via and ask for our whitepaper on mobile design.

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