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Combining Website Chat Software and Social Media for Customer Service

Combining Website Chat Software and Social Media for Customer Service

Good customer service remains as important as ever for businesses – even for businesses that purely trade online. 

However, in today’s digital age, customers are less likely to pick up the telephone, especially when they’re browsing from a mobile device.  More businesses and stores are now changing their customer service models to combine social media with online chat software.

In many ways, website chat software is a natural development from social media interaction.  Customers are now very comfortable using text to interact remotely with online stores.  However, what customers do want is fast, prompt information when they need it.

Modern online businesses are investing in their customer service staff to use social media and online chat software to converse with customers.  Dell, one of the most digitally advanced businesses in the world, has trained over 20,000 of its staff on how to use social media and communicate with customers better.  This investment is an indication of how businesses will operate in the future – and this doesn’t just include the marketing teams but also other departments including legal and executive.

Companies like Dell understand that a whole range of communication channels are important to thrive in the modern internet world, and that website chat software as well as social media are the most natural and forward thinking methods for this.  Another advantage of this is that while it’s certainly easier for customers, it’s also easy for customer service agents and representatives to engage using social media and online chat software – without even being in the same country.

Both social media and website chat software also work alongside telephone support where required and are certainly not isolated from it.  Where they have a real advantage is the ability to promote a brand online through positive feedback and reviews as well as providing good service.  The multi-channel approach is now almost a necessity for businesses operating a modern customer service model.

If you’d like to review your customer service strategy and think website chat software could benefit your business, get in touch with our team who can guide you through all the options available.  Click here for further information.

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