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Coming to a Live Chat Software Dashboard near you

Coming to a Live Chat Software Dashboard near you

The dashboard is where agents spend the majority of their time handling live chats and dealing with enquiries. With this latest development, you can now see even more information on your visitors at a glance, including which website the chat originated from. There is a more spacious feel to the chat transcript area, with the extra room making messages clear and easier to read. For those operators that engage in multiple chat sessions, it’s now easier than ever to distinguish between each conversation.

With advanced Beta testing now complete, the improvements are ready for general release across all accounts

A lead developer working on the improvement said:

‘We are continually working with customers to develop the software based on their suggestions, and this was a particular addition we were keen to implement. The dashboard is the centre of all agents chat operations, and this update further enhances their overall user experience.’

As the solution is fully hosted, there is no need for manual updates; the improvement will be automatically available.

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