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Customer needs for Website Chat Software at an all-time high

Customer needs for Website Chat Software at an all-time high

Recent innovations like Black Friday and Manic Monday show just how competitive all sectors have become with profit margins squeezed by a proliferation of discount stores and price reductions.

Standing out in a busy marketplace is harder than ever. 

Price is important but isn’t always the deciding factor.  Brand value and customer support are just two of the other factors that customers use to decide where they are going to spend their money.

Website chat software is one of the newer technologies within the online landscape but it is increasingly being used by businesses seeking to gain an advantage in how they interact with their existing and potential customers.  With instant two-way messaging online and fast support, website chat software is a support tool that customers intuitively understand and feel comfortable using.  It’s estimated that up to 70% of repeat purchases are down to how customers feel they are being treated through the whole buying experience. Website chat software offers businesses a significant advantage for giving customers a positive buying experience.

A recent survey suggested that 83% of users required a certain level of support when buying online.

This could be difficulty finding the right product, a query on delivery charges and times or just some basic help navigating the website or checking out.  Website chat software is able to provide this online support quickly and easily to even the most non-technical customer with a simple chat box enabling two-way questions and answers in real time.

When online stores use website chat software, 45% have said they experience an increase in site conversions along with a reduction in phone calls.  This shows that the technology improves the user experience as well as saving money answering support queries over the phone.  In all likelihood, customers solving queries using website chat software are more likely to repeat visit and use your store again.  Better technology and problem solving provides an all-round more positive customer experience.

If you’d like to find out more about website chat software contact Click4Assistance who have been providing chat solutions in the UK for businesses since 2004.  Click here for more information

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