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Customer Service Develops into Multi-Channel Approach with Website Chat Software

Customer Service Develops into Multi-Channel Approach with Website Chat Software

In a recent survey, 83% of online consumers said that they had encountered some form of website chat software during their online browsing. 

This stastic shows how live chat software has grown from being a niche tool within customer service to a mainstream channel.

The benefits of utilising website chat software are clear to see.  This type of solution enables businesses to react quickly and spontaneously to online demands – solving problems more efficiently for customers and also reducing the handling time for customer service agents.  The customer service experience for the visitor is seamless but the business perhaps benefits even more due to the potential to reduce operating costs and become more efficient.

Businesses offering live chat software tend to favour the multi-channel approach – seeking to fill a void where the traditional forms of service such as phone or email are augmented and built upon rather than replaced.  This gives the user choice and the opportunity to use more than one device to make contact.

Website chat software has been accepted very quickly by online users.

90% of visitors reporting in post-chat surveys that they have been satisfied with the experience.  Similarly positive has been feedback on proactive chat invitations where a prompt invites visitors to chat.  Visitors have reported that this method of contact is welcome and offers reassurance.

The real strength of the multi-channel approach can be seen where businesses are able to contact users at the point of shopping cart abandonment using live chat software.  This has been shown to reduce its occurrence with customer representatives able to guide users through the checkout process in many cases.

The case for adopting a multi-channel approach is compelling especially if your business has a high degree of multi-device users.  To find out more about how to adopt a multi-channel approach for your business contact our customer service team.  Click here for further information. 

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