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Customer Service Trends for 2015 Includes Website Chat Software

Customer Service Trends for 2015 Includes Website Chat Software

Customer service is involving fast. Without using a crystal ball there should be some exciting trends for 2015 that will continue the rapid development of customer service in 2014.

With new technologies and developments now driving customer service, and a continued drive for businesses to be even more efficient, the role of customer service representatives will be even more important as businesses strive for cross-selling opportunities as well as overall customer satisfaction.

According to Gartner, multi-channel is now inevitable for businesses over the next few years as customers continually seek to self-serve via a variety of touch points and interactions.  Website chat software, as well as more automated systems, will become important for businesses in this operating environment.  Customers will continually seek to interact via the methods that suit them best.  Customer seeking to interact online with businesses has doubled in the past years to 55%. 

A multi-channel approach will see businesses focussing on website chat software, email, social media as well as the phone.  However, of all of these channels, live chat software stands out as the most simple to use and best suited to a true online experience for customers.  With a drive to focus on website chat software, customers with only complex queries will be directed to telephone support.

Another development is expected to be more cloud based support centres.  As a multi-channel approach becomes more widespread it’s unlikely that traditional office software will support it.  Cloud based technology, streamlining operations and storing data, is expected to become the norm for more complex businesses over the next two years.

It’s also likely that cost will drive future developments with regard to customer service.  Lower cost channels such as and social media are expected to become more widespread for the ordinary customer with higher net worth customers receiving more 1-2-1 or face-to-face service.  Most customers prefer convenience and efficiency and will be attracted to the self-service route which is also the preferred option for many online stores and businesses.  The challenge for businesses is to integrate all the channels for better CRM data.

live chat software especially offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to monitor performance and customer interaction data.  This not only drives training opportunities but also provides valuable data on key drivers and trends to improve the business.

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