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Click4Assistance Adds File Transfer Function to Live Chat Solution

Click4Assistance Adds File Transfer Function to Live Chat Solution

In response to requests from various customers and potential leads, a file transfer function has now been added to the software

This new feature enables operators to access files on their computer and send them to their visitors directly via the chat window. Agents are now able to send quotes, brochures, price lists, specifications and other kinds of important documents without needing to send a separate email – a significant addition to the functionality of the live chat platform that is likely to streamline communications between all parties and significantly boost productivity in-house.

The function is the latest in a long line of product upgrades that have been unveiled by the company in 2013

Key improvements were made to the software’s automated response system back in August; just one month ago, Click4Assistance also introduced multilingual chat support for its users.

Jill Stephens, a senior account manager at Click4Assistance, describes how she and the rest of the team went about incorporating the file transfer function into the live chat solution.

“We had to take a lot of different things into account when approaching this upgrade, the most important being the client’s security, which is absolutely our top priority,” she says. “We had to ensure the files could be uploaded while ensuring the integrity of the solution was maintained. After a thorough risk assessment and a rigorous testing process, and thanks to the hard work of all of our engineers, we’re pleased to report that the new function is fully secure and ready to be utilised by all of our customers, regardless of the website platform they’re using.”

For more information about the file transfer feature, click here.

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