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Introducing New Live Chat Software Pop-Up Notifications!

Introducing New Live Chat Software Pop-Up Notifications!

Users of the Toolbox will now receive newly designed notifications when different interactions occur within the software


So much more than Live Chat, different coloured alerts for Website Tracking, Converions and Hotspots, allow operators to identify each notification at a glance and take appropriate action. Let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

Track Site Visits with Blue Notifications See a blue alert? A visitor has just entered your website. Why not navigate to the Website Activity module and engage the visitor with a manual proactive chat invitation? You could even personalise the message based on the tracking data provided such as pages viewed or search engine key words. For example, ‘Hi there I see you’re looking at our holidays to Spain, can I offer you any live assistance?’

Green - a conversion has occurred! It’s the alert we all want to see. Using our conversion tracking your operators will be alerted in real-time when a conversion occurs. When a visitor buys a product, or signs up to your service, you can identify crucial prospects for repeat business. If it’s a chat assisted conversion, the operator even be credited too! Who takes the credit in your office?

Gold – Feel the heat of valuable prospect detection Identify hot leads by tagging specific pages on your site, and receive alerts in real-time. A gold pop-up means a valuable prospect is viewing significant pages on your site. Marketing a new product? There’s no need to wait for daily or weekly reports, tag the page with a hotspot and monitor your marketing up take as it happens.

To enable the new notifications, simply download the latest version of the Click4Assistance Live Chat Software. Got a suggestion that you’d like to see included? Give us a call on 0845 123 5871 or start a live chat now!

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