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Less Time, More Results with Web Chat Software

Less Time, More Results with Web Chat Software

If you haven’t got in contact with us yet but are still looking for a better way to process student enquiries then don’t worry, you still have time!

Our last blog in May discussed the hurdles of cost, resourcing and adoption. In today’s piece we are discussing what to consider in terms of implementation, the most common reservations and the best time to deploy live chat.

It is not uncommon for UK universities to contact us during summer to implement live chat software in the hopes of easing enquiries for the next academic year. We explain that putting a live chat button on their website takes less than 10 minutes and could be ready for this year, but universities can still be apprehensive. This is also understandable, June-September marks the busiest time of year for universities and to introduce a whole new channel of communication during this can seem overwhelming.

How can implementation be that simple?

We have already mentioned that, unlike installing new phone lines or creating new email accounts, the installation of live chat only requires two parties to be involved – you and us. We have spent the last 10 years perfecting our technology, including the ease of implementation. Today, it literally takes ten minutes to install live chat. Our blog, 10 Minutes of Effort for 21 Days of Benefits, describes the steps required to install a trial of the software but the process is identical for creating a permanent account. Yes, we know it takes longer for larger organisations, but we have helped Universities get up and running in a day. As a UK-based team we are only a phone call away if you do have any issues with your implementation.

In our previous blogs we talked about the fact that university staff can multitask while engaging with students through chat and the associated bonus this provides to productivity, but it’s important to remember the cost-cutting benefits of a more efficient university back-office. Answering even a handful of queries online means those students won’t tie up your team with phone calls. As existing and prospective students become more aware of the live chat option you will see a drop in incoming phone enquiries, you can even speed this process along by encouraging students to use the live chat service.

Furthermore, live chat software only requires a digital infrastructure and can therefore sidestep the expensive setup costs you usually incur in setting up a new phone line or email client. We also don’t tie you into a long-term contract, offering a rolling monthly contract instead, that you can cancel anytime you wish with 30 days’ notice.

So when is the best time to deploy live chat? It really depends as each university is unique, but our University Coordinators have years of experience within the education sector and will be happy to offer advice. If you’re seriously considering live chat software but are worried about timing, contact us today on 0845 123 5871, email us at or start a chat with us.

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