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Live Chat Software Improves your Customer Service by Responding to Customer Complaints & Enquiries

Live Chat Software Improves your Customer Service by Responding to Customer Complaints & Enquiries


The Volkswagen scandal is a good example of how live chat software could assist with the mammoth task of helping their customers check their cars.

If Volkswagen had adopted live chat software, car owners not only in the UK but also from other countries affected with the news that a total of 11 million Volkswagen cars are being recalled, could have contacted Volkswagen directly.  If they were one of the unfortunate ones affected, the customer could be given advice, using the chat systems, by the operator on the next steps that need to be made, they could transfer any documentation that may be useful or needed to be completed by the car owner, whilst giving the customer the human interaction to listen to the car owner’s frustrations.  In this day and age, no one wants to be dealing with a faceless Company that hides behind policies and procedures.

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Add Live Chat software to your website to help you improve your customer service

Live chat software is an efficient channel and enables visitors to your website to multi-task while putting forward their enquiry or question – people don’t always have time to pick up the phone and speak to your showroom. It enables visitors to your website to communicate directly with you to enquire about your services or have their question answered, allowing your sales team time to convert those other new visitors to customers. As the visitor interface is fully compatible with mobile devices, the visitor can start a chat wherever they are. The live chat system also helps car showroom owners build long-term relationships with prospective customers and keep existing customers happy. A recent Accenture Automotive study recently stated that 7 in 10 prospective customers preferred to have a chat with an auto dealer before deciding to purchase the vehicle.

Many of our dealerships that currently use the Click4Assistance live chat system were recognised as award winners in the industry in 2015 and in September two big names in the motor industry joined our list of clients – vehicle manufacturer Iveco and vehicle retailer West London Motor Group.

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Click4Assistance are a UK based provider, specialising in providing the best service to all automotive clients. With dedicated Account Managers, great customer service and a fully customisable visitor interface. Click4Assistance really stand out from the rest. For an informal chat to hear about how our chat systems can help improve your customer service and increase sales or to arrange a demonstration, please speak to us on Tel: 0845 123 5871 or email us on or start a chat.

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