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Live Chat on Website: Analytics and Proactives

Live Chat on Website: Analytics and Proactives

Click4Assistance Live Chat software isn’t just a place to answer enquiries; businesses can also see who is viewing their website, where they’re from and much more.


Just by adding a small piece of HTML script to the website, operators are able to track the visitors’ activity by viewing the analytics page within the software. Representatives can view tracking information on any visitor without being in chat.

The activity which operators can monitor includes:

  • Date and Time of Visit

  • Duration of Visit

  • IP Address

  • Number of Pages Viewed

  • The Keywords to Find the Page

  • Browser Used

  • Region/Country of Visitor

  • Number of Previous Visits

As well as viewing who is on the website in real time, historical information about visitors and the pages they are visiting can also be monitored. Representatives can look even further into information such as the individual pages visited, previous visit details and location of the visitor on a map.


These can be placed on specific areas or pages within the website, and the company can be alerted when that hotspot is visited. For example, new landing pages or product launches can be closely monitored and visitor activity analysed. Proactive invitations can be presented should a visitor linger on a hotspot.


When a visitor completes a call to action on your website, this functionality identifies if a chat has taken place and how the visitor found you, crediting the appropriate operator or referrer accordingly. Reports are available to further analyse these valuable website visitors.

Live chat on website conversion notification

Visitor analytics goes hand in hand with proactive invitations. By seeing the activity upon the website, operators can identify where a visitor may be struggling on the page, depending on the amount of time they’ve spent browsing.

What are pro-actives and why use them?


Proactive Promotions allow the solution to direct and advise your visitors 24 hours a day without need for chat representatives’ intervention. The system can issue a promotional image that’s able to redirect the visitor to a specific page of the website. Organisations can define certain rules that will trigger a promotion, for example:

  • Product A is being viewed, but there’s an offer on Product B, so a promotional image is directed to the visitor including a link to the offer. Enabling businesses to cross sell, upsell and promote products.

  • A visitor is on the Blog page, so a promotional image asking if they want to sign up to the newsletter can be displayed. If they accept it, they will be directed back to the signup page.

Chat Invitation

An image can be automatically presented to the visitor inviting them into chat if they’re in need of any help, which reduces abandonment on the site. Visitors can either accept or decline the invitation.

KC Using Proactive Invitations to Help with Product Selection

KCGroup have Click4Assistance Live Chat solution implemented on five of their major websites including; Eclipse, KCBusiness, Karoo. When a visitor is presented with a proactive invitation, they’ll see what it’s like to be in chat, as KC have cleverly designed their proactive to look like a chat window.

Multilingual invites from Honeywell

Honeywell implemented the chat solution across 12 of their international websites, with invitations presented in the appropriate language based on the visitors’ location.

honeywell use live chat for website proactive invitations


IT Online Learning add the personal touch

Adding the teams’ photographs to the invitations not only presents a unique and attractive image but also personalises the chat before it has even begun.

Testing Success

Experimenting with the proactive invitations means that representatives can work out where, when and how the invitations will be presented. Ensuring they have set a suitable placement, time and action for a proactive to appear, the company will receive a substantial increase on uptake.

Why not find out whose viewing your website by trialling Click4Assistance Live Chat solution and view the analytics within the software? Got a limited time only offer? See how proactive invitations and promotions work for you!

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Author: Rae Boyling
Rae is the Marketing Assistant for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance. Rae produces content for articles appearing on the Click4Assistance website and email campaigns.

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