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News: Live Chat Software Summer Madness Special Offer

News: Live Chat Software Summer Madness Special Offer

This year started with a chill too and will be remembered as the coldest spring for 50 years

But that has changed now, with some of the hottest days we have experienced for years! We hope this good weather continues for the remains of the summer, as the nation strips down to T shirts and shorts, we have stripped our prices.

For all existing customers of Click4Assistance, we’re offering new live chat software user licences at half price! That means extra users on the professional package have been slashed to £7.48, and Enterprise additions to £14.98 a month!

Enabling extra users against your account offers many benefits including the ability to increase your overall availability and potential chat uptake.

A greater login period provides the potential for more chats to be handled and further sales closed

Multiple user licences means operators can help cover peak periods of activity and spread the overall workload; particularly important for multitasking staff handling email and phone enquiries alongside Live Chats.

This fantastic offer is only available until the end of August 2013, but we’ll honour the price of any new licenses for the life of your subscription. Simply add the extra users within the live chat software by going to Account/General Settings and clicking Add More Users.

It’s that simple, and anyone that does will receive those extra users at 50% of the usual price. That’s a saving of around £90 over 12 months from just 1 additional professional user.

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