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Live Chat Software that’s Compatible with any Platform

Live Chat Software that’s Compatible with any Platform

The great news is, our chat buttons are designed to work with them all

The chat button is a small piece of HTML code and can be added in the same way as any other link. This simplicity allows the buttons to be any size or shape, and be placed in different locations across your web pages. All you have to do is insert the code and we’ll take care of the rest.

Looking for a change of style? Edit your chat button image within the Toolbox, and it will automatically update on your website. Why stop there when you can provide the option to chat anywhere that allows you to include a link. Extend your reach by placing chat buttons on external web stores such Ebay, or in digital brochures and emails sent out to sales leads or customers. This provides the opportunity to engage with prospects and offer an instant line of communication in the other areas you advertise your products and services.

We’ve also introduced a Live Chat widget for those customers using the E-commerce solution NopCommerce. With all of the same great features, it can be added easily through the widgets section on the NopCommerce site.

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