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Click4Assistance Live Chat Solution - New Year, New Features...

Click4Assistance Live Chat Solution - New Year, New Features...

Equally, the balance is struck with extra features added in response to research and customer requests. Here are a few of the latest additions…

Time Stamps

The Chat Details report includes a time stamp next to each message sent, but now you can see this within the dashboard in real time! To turn this function on, simply go to Account/Users and edit the settings tab within your user profile.

User Administration module

Due to popular demand, administrators now have the ability to manage user activity from a central module; view user log in and availability status, and override where necessary, preventing missed chats when an operator leaves their desk without switching to unavailable or logging out. For more information about activating this functionality, contact your account manager today.

User Audit Report

Available on demand or scheduled, managers can now audit activity within the User module. See when changes are made and by whom. To view this new report, go to Reports/Reports, available within the Account folder.

The team at Click4Assistance welcome feedback and suggestions for further development for the live chat solution, please feel free to contact us on 0845 123 5871 or use the feedback form within the software.

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