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Add live chat to your website and experience a marked improvement immediately

Your conversion rate and consequently, your sales, automatically improve the moment you add live chat to your website. There is nothing magical about it. It’s just cause and effect. Of course you must be getting some traffic that can be converted. If you don’t have traffic on your website, then the problem is not engagement -related or even conversion -related, it is traffic -related. So you need to work on that first. But if that is not the case and you are getting some decent traffic, you can leverage that traffic and make a significant improvement in the number of sales your website makes.

Add live chat to your website

Everything comes under your control when you add live chat to your website

There are two ways you can engage your visitors when you add live chat to your website: by encouraging them to reach out to you, and you yourself reaching out to them. Both the methods are effective although it has been observed that the former among the two mentioned above are more effective because people will show a willingness to chat with you thinking that you are more eager to do business with you. But both methods are good. You can totally control the way you interact with your visitors once you add live chat to your website. You can use pop-up and embedded chat windows to attract people’s attention. You can invite them to have a conversation with you as soon as they arrive on your website. You can wait for some time, let us say 20 seconds, before you approach them. You can also trigger an invitation based on the section the visitor is currently visiting. Suppose there is a particular section on your website that needs a bit of explaining. So the moment a person arrives in that section, you can trigger a chat invitation.

And it is not just the timing of your chat invitation that is directly in your control, even the way you chat with your visitors depends on your preference as well as your visitors’ preference. For example, you can chat using text, video as well as audio.

Add live chat to your website to reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate

There is a 60% shopping cart abandonment rate and you can drastically bring it down if you add live chat to your website, simply because you can intervene at the right moment. Just the moment they are about to abandon your shopping cart. How will you know when they abandon your shopping cart? Our inbuilt analytics tool tells you. Over a period of time, after you have added our chat program and used it to not just talk to people, but also track their activities on your website, you will have an idea of which pages make people leave your website or abandon your shopping cart. You can set up automatic triggers for these pages so that whenever someone has reached that particular page in your shopping cart funnel, you are notified. Then you can politely ask, through your chat window, whether the person trying to buy from you needs some sort of assistance. In most of the cases they do. In the absence of chat assistance, they simply leave your website. They don’t even go to the trouble of filling up your contact form. On the other hand, when you add our chat program, you can prominently display your chat icon and when people see that chat icon, the general tendency is to click it and seek your assistance.

This is the right time to add live chat to your website

Would you like to add live chat service to your website right now? Then what’s stopping you from doing so, especially when you are here? We don’t charge you anything. You don’t even need to submit your credit card details. Simply register for free and that’s it. Once you have verified your details, you will be able to download the software. Afterwards, upload the script onto your website and let your visitors start interacting with you via your online chat service.

Add live chat to your website

Add live chat to your website

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