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The best live chat for websites you can get anywhere

Our solution is definitely the best live chat for websites you can get. Our proven track record of providing the best live chat software in the UK as well as elsewhere makes us totally comfortable making such a claim. But to tell you frankly, it is not easy to remain at the forefront of providing the best live chat for websites. We are constantly on alert. We are perpetually working at improving our live chat facility so that once our customers start using live chat on their websites, they have the best solution working for them. If you cannot get it on, then we can confidently say you are not going to get it anywhere else.

Best live chat for websites

When it comes to providing live chat for websites exactly what makes us the best choice for you?

If you are a UK resident, you will really appreciate that our entire team of developers, marketers and support staff are based in the UK. We never outsource our support to other countries. Although we’re not saying that outsourcing is bad or anything, it just doesn’t work for our customers. We speak your language in your accent. We are operational during your work hours. We have the same cultural backgrounds and we enjoy the same holidays and occasions (and sometimes share the same griefs).

Then, if you’re looking for a complete solution, you are going to get it in our live chat facility and for some businesses, this is the best option. Various websites in the UK benefit from the rich feature list that we provide with our best live chat software. We are going to talk about these features later on in more detail.

Worried about the confidentiality of the people who talk to you using live chat? We would like you to know that our live chat for websites uses 256-bit encryption to make sure the information that is exchanged between the various parties is completely safe. Nobody can intercept your conversations. The documents being exchanged through our chat windows are completely safe. Our adherence to the security is one of the best reasons people add live chat to their websites.

Best live chat for websites if you are interested in visitor intelligence on your website

Would you like to know the geographic location of your visitor? Would you like to know which language he or she speaks? Which business he or she represents? All these bits of information are easily available to you through our inbuilt web analytics tool that comes when you add live chat from Click4Assistance. The moment someone comes to your website you can start tracking his or her movements with all the details presented to you in an easy-to-read format. The best thing is that you can monitor multiple visitors in different tabs. Right in front of your eyes you can see which pages the person is visiting, how much time he or she is spending on individual pages, through which page he or she entered your website and what keyword he or she used in case he or she came from a search engine. In case the person leaves your website without doing business with you, you will be able to know the last page he or she was visiting. The best thing is that you can set up automatic alerts so that people are invited to have a chat with you after they have spent a particular amount of time on your website or if they are visiting a particular section on your website. If you are not interested in automatic alerts, you can manually decide when you would like to interact with someone on your website.

Would you like to set up the best live chat for websites on your website right now?

You can definitely do so. And you can do it for free. Register yourself on our website in order to be able to download the software onto your computer. Once you have downloaded the software, add the button script to your website and you’re ready to chat. So go ahead, setup the best live chat for websites that has already been installed on hundreds of websites all over the UK.

Best live chat for websites

Best live chat for websites

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