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Best live chat software to beat competition

Click4Assistance offers you the best live chat software to beat your competition. The toughest thing to achieve for businesses is to serve their customers well and this is where most of the businesses fail. In most of the cases it is not about not being able to provide the customer service, it is about the lack of appropriate technology. Businesses normally depend on telephone and email to provide customer support but they have their limitations. You can answer to just one telephone call at a time. You can reply to just one email at a time. If you have 3 persons handling your support queries, the queries will be taken care of whether these queries come via telephone or email. The best thing about live chat software is you can handle multiple queries at the same time.

Best live chat software

Give the best customer service and great speed with our live chat software

Quantity in no way means compromising on quality. In fact at Click4Assistance, when it comes to choosing between quantity and quality, we always tilt towards quality and this is why you can handle an unlimited number of chats with our live chat app without compromising on quality. Whether you're using one chat window or 10 chat windows, the ability of the chat program remains the same and this is what makes it the best in the field. In fact, the only limitation is your ability to handle multiple chats.

Another reason why you can provide the best customer service with our live chat solution is your ability to understand the requirements of your visitors and customers as they browse through various pages on your website. As soon as someone enters your website our analytics tool allows you to monitor his or her movements. You can virtually see which pages he or she is visiting, how much time he or she has spent on particular pages and currently on which page the person is. This gives you a basic idea of what he or she is looking for.

The best way to answering error-free queries using our live chat software

You can create canned responses with our live chat software interface. This allows you to create pre-prepared responses to frequently asked questions. This eliminates the chance of committing errors or causing delays because a person not familiar with the question cannot find an answer. Once a set of canned responses has been created they can be accessed by anybody trying to provide support to your visitors or customers.

Our live chat software provides you the best interface across multiple devices

Whether you prefer to use a computer, a laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet, our live chat app interface seamlessly scales according to the size of your screen, all the best features being just a single click or tap away. We totally understand that you would like to keep your visitors engaged whether you are at your office, at home or travelling. As long as you have Internet connection you can respond to queries on your website in real-time.

Our live chat solution also provides you the best environment to handle multiple modes of communication. Once you start using our chat program to handle customer queries, you don't just need to depend on text chat. Depending on the preferences of people coming to your website, you can text chat with them, you can video chat, and you can also use the audio feature.

Has your quest for best live chat software finally ended?

It definitely has. If you have been looking for the best live chat software at multiple places on the Internet, and as you have finally arrived at we can assure you that your quest ends here. This is the top of the pyramid. After this, the journey can only be downwards. So don't waste another second. Just log onto our website, register yourself and download the software. Within a few minutes you will be running the best live chat software from your website and seamlessly engaging your visitors and customers.

Best Website Chat Software

Best live chat software

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