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The best web chat software no matter what is the size of your business

Being the best in the field providing chat solutions for website is not a mean feat but for us at Click4Assistance it is just a way of life. There is a reason behind this. It is easier for us to provide you the best web chat software because we don't aim for the "best". We simply focus on helping your business grow. We focus on making it possible for you to reach out to your visitors and turn them into loyal customers and clients. We focus on features in such a manner that they become overwhelming benefits. This is what makes our live chat app the best in the market.

Best Web Chat Software

Looking for the best web chat software for your business but aren't sure what to select?

Whenever there is a confusion regarding choosing the best software application for your business whether you're looking for web chat software or something else, focus on what you intend to achieve. In fact you can apply this philosophy to every aspect of your life. Don't get swayed by the slew of features present in a product or service. Focus on what you need. Focus on what can help you grow your business. Focus on your requirement. Make a list of things that you need to achieve once you have settled for the best web chat software uniquely for your business and then it will become easier for you to make a decision.

Want to know why we have the best web chat software features?

What is best in terms of features can be different for different people. You may need a live chat app just to respond to people's queries when they come to your website. You may want advanced features like web analytics and integration with CRM application to get deeper insights into people's buying patterns. You may want to observe people's movement on your website. You may want to upsell and cross sell. You may have multiple departments for which you can create matching departments in the integrated live chat software. Maybe the security is the biggest issue for you. These are the things that make the best web chat software for you.

People who know their business know what's best for them. This is the philosophy that we also apply to our effort whenever we are adding new features to our chat solutions for website. Although we are totally in love with our live chat app, we fully understand that it is just a tool. It's a means to end, not the end itself. It makes your website interactive from both ends of the spectrum. People can approach you and you can approach people. When you feel that you should have a talk with a particular visitor, you can always invite that person to have a talk with you. Similarly if one of your visitors is facing some problem he or she can immediately click the chat button and strike up a conversation with you. After that, it is just like talking to any other person.

What is the best way to help people on your website using our live chat app?

The best way to help people on your website using our integrated chat software is being there when people need you. Whether you respond to people's queries or you help people on your own, timeliness is very important. This is why the ability to carry out multiple chat conversations at the same time is a big plus when you use our chat button. You don't need to put people on hold. You don't need to make them wait for your email response. You can answer to them immediately even if you are engaged with someone else.

Another one of the best features is your ability to create canned responses. You can create canned responses to frequently asked questions and queries. This way it eliminates the chance of error and it speeds up your response.

Is it the best time to install our web chat software?

Every time is the best time to install our web chat software. This is because there is no financial commitment on your part. Our 21-day trial version is totally free and it comes with the most advanced features. You can fully use it the way you would use as if you have purchased the Enterprise version. So would you like to take the best web chat software for a ride? No need to dillydally. Register on our website and get the software now

Best Web Chat Software

best web chat software

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