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The best website chat software you can find anywhere

Are you looking for the best website chat software for your business? Before proceeding we must understand what "the best" means in terms of using chat software on your website. It can be a slew of factors. It depends on the needs of your business. Some businesses require just a few features to make a killing and other businesses require an array of features to manage multiple activities. So when you're looking for best website chat software for your business, you need to properly understand the needs of your business and then make your choice accordingly.

Best website chat software

What makes ours the best website chat software for your business

Whether you have a small business, a medium-sized business or a large enterprise, the best thing about our website chat software is that it can easily scale. Just because enterprise-level businesses use our live chat software on their websites it doesn't mean you cannot use it for your small business. You definitely can. The Lite version of our website chat software would be the best option for you. It may not have the features that come with the Professional or the Enterprise package, but once you have installed it on your website, our chat software will give you all your business needs in order to engage your visitors and increase your sales.

One of the best features of our website chat software is that even if you are unable to remain online all the time, the software keeps generating hot leads for your business. The inbuilt form generator allows you to create highly evolved contact forms that allow people to leave their details and their queries so that you can get back to them at your own convenience. These forms are completely customisable and you can add as many fields as possible and make them look as close to your website as possible.

The best of PHP can be seen in our website chat software

There is a reason we have developed our live chat website software in PHP and one of the best reasons is its ability to be manipulated easily. If you want to change the code, you just need a text editor, that's it.

Another benefit of having PHP as our code language is that it makes the installation process seamless. More than 99% web hosts on the Internet can run PHP files without the user having to install anything.

The best free website chat software available anywhere

The 21-day trial version of our live web chat software comes for free with all its best features intact. Once you install our trial version we want you to experience the full power of our web chat software so that you can make the best of it even when you haven't purchased the premium copy. You can customise it. You can integrate it. You can change the look and feel of our live chat website software in as best a manner as is required. If you're using a legacy CRM, you can use our live web chat software along with that so that the previous data becomes accessible to your customer support staff immediately.

The web analytics tool paints a complete picture of the need of your visitor. It will tell you your visitor's geographic location and the language he or she speaks. The tool will also tell you the business or company the person represents. In case the person has come from another website our tool will tell you that. The best part is, if the person has come from a search engine, our analytics tool will also tell you the keyword the person used that enabled him or her to find your website.

Is it the best time to install web chat software on your website?

Yes, it is. 82% people have responded that they have a positive perception of the company if the they have web chat software installed. The websites that give the best response to the visitor queries gain the most loyal customers. At there is nothing to stop you. Just register on our website, download the software and then insert the html script to your site. You can start engaging your visitors with website chat software and increase your sales right now.

Best Web Chat Software

Best Web Chat Software

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