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Best website chat software to leave your competition behind

What would be the best website chat software for your business? Obviously something that can help you leave your competition behind? Of course in order to truly grow your business you shouldn’t formulate your strategy according to your competition but according to how you can serve your customers and clients in an effective and true manner. Nonetheless, your competition can play a big part in keeping your sales down by getting most of your sales. This is where our live chat for website can give you an edge. It is the best way to keep visitors from going to your competitor’s website.

Best Website Chat Software

What makes our solution the best website chat software on the market?

When you start using our live chat website software you will find that it has got every feature that enables you to carry out meaningful conversations with your visitors, customers and basically everybody who would like to talk to you. Through 256-bit encryption we provide completely safe environment for all the parties involved. Your conversations can never be intercepted and whatever information is exchanged, it remains confidential.

Our reporting features help you pinpoint exactly which of your chat agents are driving your sales and which ones need to tighten up their act.

Would you like to know what your visitors are up to once they are on your website? One of the greatest features of our best website chat software can help you in this. We have an inbuilt web analytics tool that lets you monitor your visitors as soon as they arrive on your website. You can see all the webpages they visit when they are on your website. You can also see how much time they spend on individual pages. If they were referred to your website from another website, you can also see the referral link. If they came to your website from a search engine, our web analytics tool will tell you what keyword they used in order to be able to find your website.

Installing web live chat solution is the best way to retain your customers

Retaining your customers is all about keeping them happy. One way to keep them happy is to provide an exceptional product but no product can be 100% perfect. Sooner or later your customers are going to seek your help and this is where you can show them that you are always there. The best way to do this is to install our website chat software. The moment you install the web live chat solution a chat button begins to appear on your website. Using this chat button your customers can immediately contact you in order to get your help.

They don’t need to call you and they don’t need to email you. They can talk to you in real-time. They can chat using text, video, or audio. A good thing about having a chat button on your website is that it is always your customers’ first preference when it comes to contacting you.

Would you like to serve more customers? You don’t need to increase your support staff, at least not when you plan to serve your customers using our live chat for website. This is because you can open an unlimited number of chat windows using our live chat website software. This is not the case if you try to provide support using telephone or email with communication can happen one at a time. No matter how hard and fast you work, at a particular time, you can only handle one customer call and one email query. Through our best website chat software on the other hand, there is no limit to the number of chat windows you can have in front of you.

Make the best move now, install the best website chat software

Go on, take your best pick. We have different packages for different business sizes. In fact, you don’t even have to purchase a package for yourself initially. We offer a 21-day trial with our most advanced web live chat solution features so that you get a complete picture of what all can be achieved using our application. No need to submit your credit card details because we don’t start charging you automatically. It’s only when you pay your subscription will start. So don’t delay. Install the best website chat software now.

Best Web Chat Software

Best Web Chat Software

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