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Business chat software to drive your sales and conversion rate

Are you worried that sales on your website are slipping away? You need business chat software for your website that will keep people hooked on to your website for longer. When you get decent traffic but unsatisfactory sales it has definitely got something to do with your conversion rate. Your conversion rate can be improved by regularly interacting with your visitors or at least establishing a mechanism that encourages people to reach out to you in case they need some further input.

If you are getting decent traffic to your website but few sales there are normally two reasons: people are coming to your website for wrong reasons (you are drawing wrong traffic somehow); people come to your website for the right reason but somehow they are not convinced. Although there are many changes you can carry out to change the scenario, installing business chat software is the quickest way to engage people once they are on your website and increase the chances of making a sale.

Business Chat Software

The relationship between higher sales and business chat software

Merely installing business chat software doesn’t mean you’re going to get more sales. It requires regular interaction. It requires a system to build your own intelligence regarding how people behave on your website. It also requires timely intervention and this is where the utility value of our business chat software manifests the most. 60% people abandon your shopping cart midway (according to multiple studies). Whereas there might be different reasons why people abandon shopping carts, mostly take this step because they get distracted, develop doubts, aren’t satisfied with the description and somehow cannot figure out how to make credit card payments. All these traits can be easily countered with our business chat software and consequently, more people can be helped buy from you.

The business chat service also allows you to practice your salesmanship to the hilt. People who are already buying from you can be prompted to buy more. If someone is buying a book from your website for instance, and there is also a sequel that you are selling, you can also offer the sequel at a better rate through your business live chat window. In case in order to understand one book a person needs to first read another book, you can make the suggestion in real-time.

Business chat service that helps you take smarter decisions at the right time

You need a mix of automation and personal touch in order to run your business operations efficiently and the same goes with our business live chat software. You can automate particular tasks. For example, you can set up automatic triggers if you would like to talk to your visitors at a particular juncture. Normally you can set up your business chat solution to invite people to chat with you as soon as they come to your website. In some cases it works, in some cases it doesn’t. As you routinely use our business chat service you will find out exactly what is the right time to intervene. With hundreds of visitors coming to your website every day, it won’t be possible to track each and every visitor. You will need to set up triggers so that whenever a particular visitor has reached a point where you need to talk to him or her, the trigger is initiated and you are prompted to have a chat with the visitor.

You can reduce your involvement further (until the last moment when the visitor agrees to chat with you) by setting the trigger in such a manner that the visitor is prompted to have a chat with you rather than you being reminded. This way, if the visitor agrees to have a chat, the window pops up in front of you and you can practice your salesmanship

You can download our business chat software from our website immediately

Would you like to try out our world-class business live chat? No financial commitment is required. No obligation. There is no need to fill up a survey. There is no need to submit your credit card payments. All you have to do is, register on our website – – for free, and you are all set. You will be able to download the business live chat software. upload the small piece of html to your admin area and you will have our business chat solution live and kicking on your website in no time.

Business Chat Software

Business Chat Software

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