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Business live chat for exponential growth

You can experience exponential growth once you have installed our business live chat. This is not a wild claim, it is just a logical consequence of doing something that is very business critical and conducive to the right results.

What does business growth mean? It means more people buying from you. Why would people buy from you? Without doubt, your product or service must be exceptional and it must solve a nagging problem. That's given. But just having a great product or a service doesn't help you experience exponential growth. What helps you grow is customer engagement. This is where business live chat software can prove to be invaluable. Provide help when it is needed. Be there for your customers when they are looking for you, when they want you to resolve an issue. Instantly provide an answer. This will keep people coming back to you for more and more.

Business live chat

Our business live chat software is at the bleeding-edge of technology

Technology is a greatly empowering manifestation and business live chat is a perfect example of it. It creates a real-time environment for you to come forward and provide assistance to your visitors and solve your customers' problems. For example, the inbuilt web analytics tools let you understand your customers problems even before they express their problems. Similarly, the analytics tools tell you how your visitors have been consuming content on your website so that accordingly you can understand what they're looking for.

The business live chat toolbox also tells you your visitor's geographic location and the keyword he or she used if he or she found your link on a search engine. While visiting your website, the toolbox will tell you which all pages the person has visited so far and how much time he or she has spent on individual pages.

Our business chat software can be seamlessly integrated with your existing CRM software. This means as soon as a customer starts chatting with you or with one of your chat agents, his or her previous details such as how many times he or she has shopped at your website, which products or services he or she has purchased and how many chat sessions he or she has had with you so far, are presented to you in an easy to read format. This is technology at its best.

Business live chat just the way your visitors and customers want

You shouldn't be constrained by your technology; you should be liberated by it. This is why we have designed different business chat software packages according to your individual business needs. Only get what you want. Our Lite, Professional and Enterprise versions cater to every possible business need of yours, scaling your cost and effort accordingly.

That's one aspect. Another aspect is that your visitors and customers can chat with you just the way they want. They can have a text chat. If they want to talk face-to-face, they can also have a video chat. If video chat is not their thing, they can have an audio chat. The point is the comfort of your visitor or customer is of utmost importance.

Our business live chat software constantly helps you improve your customer support. After every chat your visitor or customer is politely asked to fill up a feedback form letting him or her express what his or her experience was while talking to you or one of your chat agents. According to the feedback, you can train your staff to be more effective and efficient.

The best live chat software for business can be yours in no time, at no cost

The business live chat software from Click4Assistance isn't just for big businesses. Whether you're running a business from your basement or from one of the high-tech business centres in the heart of London our live chat software for business is yours for the taking. Our 21-day trial version comes totally free. It comes with all the premium features and benefits that you have in the Enterprise version.

The quickest way of getting live chat software for business from our website is to register yourself. From there you will be able to download the software and add the script to your website. That's it, within a few minutes you will be running one of the most advanced business live chat applications available on the Internet.

Business Live Chat Software

Business Live Chat Software

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