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The only chat program you are ever going to need

Once you have decided to use the chat program from Click4Assistance you will be pleasantly surprised to know that you don't need to use any other chat solutions. This is because our chat program gives you everything you need in order to not just carry out effective conversations with your prospective and present customers but also study the dynamics of user behaviour while people are on your website. Successfully doing business is all about knowing about your prospective customers as much as possible and our live chat facility empowers you to achieve that with a great set of tools that are at your disposal once you have set up the chat button script on your website

Chat Program

The perfect chat program for business of any size

We have designed and developed our chat program in such a manner that it perfectly fits the requirements of any business no matter what is the nature of your business and what is its size. The basic structure of our live chat system is designed in such a manner that it doesn't constrain your business and it doesn't overwhelm you in case at the moment your business doesn't require the features that come with the advanced versions of our live chat facility.

We have 3 categories of our chat solutions, Lite, Professional and Enterprise. As you can easily make out by the names, the Lite version is for small business. If you have just one person (mostly you) running the business may be a few people this is a perfect match for you. The Professional version would be for medium-sized businesses having a few scores of employees. For larger organisations and businesses we have the Enterprise version that comes with a full set of features that are needed for big setups handling perhaps millions of customers and users monthly.

According to the chat program packages that you get for your business you get the set of features. As a small business you may not need the feature-set of large business enterprises and that's why those features are not available in the Lite version. Again, the absence and presence of different features in our live chat system aren't intended to constrain your growth. In fact you can easily upgrade as your business grows.

A chat program with analytics intelligence

In order to have effective conversations (conversations that lead to sales) you need to know about your visitors/customers as much as possible. Where do they come from? What language do they speak? What all pages do they visit before finally deciding to purchase from you or leave your website without purchasing? How much time do they spend on individual pages? What pages on your website make them leave your website? What search engine they were using and what keyword they used in order to find your website? These are very important bits of information that you can obtain from our live chat facility in an easily understandable format.

Increase the quality and quantity of your support without increasing cost with our chat program

Our chat program allows you to have unlimited number of windows opened simultaneously. This means you can have 5 conversations going on at the same time without much difficulty. Just imagine, a one-person can handle 5 conversations at a time, 3 people would be able to handle 15 conversations. If these conversations were to take place through telephone and email, simultaneously, you will require 15 people, but in this case, you require just 3.

Our live chat system gives you a completely secure environment

Exchange confidential documents. Give URLs to people you are talking to without worrying that they could fall in wrong hands. Our chat solution uses 256-bit encryption technology to make sure that all your interactions and exchanges are kept safe from prying eyes.

Get your favourite live chat facility just in a few minutes, and free of cost!

Getting your chat program from is as simple as registering on our website and downloading the software. You will receive our chat button script simply add this to your website and you’re ready to chat. So download our chat program now and see its magic unfolding right before your eyes.

Chat Program

chat program

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