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Chat software for website to unleash the power of selling

Long gone are the days when it depended on chance whether people coming to your website will do business with you or not. This is why businesses try to increase their traffic as much as possible. Yes, traffic is important, but after installing our chat software for website, you will realise engagement is as important and in fact, more important than driving relentless traffic to your website. Chat software for business redefines engagement on website. The engagement that you come across on day-to-day basis on social networking websites is one sort of engagement but it doesn’t give you much business. Engagement that happens on your website gives you more business and it is this sort of engagement that you need to focus on in order to unleash the power of selling.

Chat Software For Website

Your website needs chat software as much as it needs an online presence

More than 82% people have a positive perception of a website that prominently displays the chat solution. The figure shows how positively people take the presence of chat software for website and how important it is for your business. It is often advised that people should be able to seamlessly contact you when they need to. Prior to chat solutions for websites, people would simply call you or fill up your contact form. Most didn’t bother. The dynamics suddenly change once you install chat software for website. Most people contact you. People who wouldn’t call you gladly initiate chat conversations with you. People who would resist using your contact form suddenly find it easier to reach out to you. A big reason is that the interaction that happens via chat software for website is in real-time. There is no significant waiting period. People all over the world have had nasty experience trying to get support on phone. Sometimes people are put on hold for hours. Even when they write email, sometimes they have to wait for days. This is why people don’t bother much unless you have chat support software installed. With the chat software for business, their psychology suddenly changes.

Chat software that evolves with your website

Our chat solutions grow with your website. You need not wait until your website has reached a certain proportion before you install our chat solutions for websites. Even if you are a single-person business you can make use of our chat software, in fact, it will prove to be a great asset to your budding enterprise. Every visitor is important. Every sale is important. The more people leave your website without doing business with you, the slower your business will grow. Our chat support software allows you to track visitors on your website and understand their basic behaviour. The inbuilt analytics tool tells you their geographic location. You can also find out the website they were visiting before coming to your website. You will be able to see every page they visit on your website and how much time they spend on individual pages.

We have three different chat software packages on our website, namely Lite, Professional and Enterprise. As the names go, these are three broad categories to suit every business need. Whether you are a very small business, a medium-sized business or a large enterprises or institution, our chat software can be scaled accordingly. It’s not like you are stuck with one version once you have purchased it. As your business grows and your operations expand you can switch to the greater package with just a few clicks.

Use our chat software for website for free for 21 days

You can use our trial version for free for 21 days. It is our most advanced chat software version that you can use on your website. This is to make sure that you can experience the full power of our application. There is nothing you cannot achieve; whether you are a small business or a large enterprises. From the word go you will be able to engage your visitors and customers and provide them exceptional support service. Log on to our website. No credit card needed. No need to participate in any survey. Simply register for free and download our chat software for website now.

Chat Software For Website

Chat Software For Website

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