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Turn customers into loyal customers with our chat support software

Once your business takes off it will mostly depend on loyal customers and our live chat support software can play a big part in building you a strong army of loyal customers. How does a business get customers?

By constantly being there for them. Of course you need to sell quality products and services. But that's not it. No matter how exceptional your product is, sooner or later your customers are going to need some sort of support from you and you can provide such support with chat software. One way of seeking support from you is calling you or writing you an email. This works if you have very few customers and you get just a few support queries per day. But what if you get hundreds of queries per day? Since you can only handle one call at a time on a telephone and you can reply to just one email, how do you manage is a deluge of calls and emails without neglecting your customers?

chat support software

Our chat support software allows you to handle multiple support requests simultaneously

Your customer support gains new dimension when you start using our live customer service chat software. You can shuffle between multiple windows – there is no limit how many windows you can have opened – at the same time.

Each conversation takes place in its own dedicated window and there is little chance of mixing up the chats. Suddenly, with our live chat support software, it is like you have increased your support staff multiple times. The same person, at the same time, can provide support to multiple people's calls for support without having to put them on hold or without having to make them wait for your email reply.

Increase customer loyalty with our chat support software

As we have mentioned above, there is a great dearth of businesses that can provide timely support to their customers no matter how good the product or service is. This is why customers appreciate it a lot if you can provide them good support. When people come to your website and see that there is live chat support software on your website, they immediately develop a liking and preference for your business. Surveys have shown that more than 82% online visitors have a positive perception of a website that has a chat icon prominently displayed. It communicates a sense of immediacy. People know that if they need help, that help is immediately provided.

Be proactive with our chat support software

Providing support with our chat software doesn't just mean waiting for people to contact you. Using our interface you can take the initiative and invite people to have a chat with you. This is like taking the support to the next level. Provide help to your visitors even before they ask for your help. As you keep on using our live chat support software you will notice a pattern that will help you know exactly when people need your help. You can even set automatic triggers so that you know when to approach people when they are in a fix for when they cannot decide how to proceed. There might be many points in your shopping cart where people may get confused or may develop some doubts. At these points you can approach them and offer help. Shopping cart abandonment rate all over the world is around 60% and this can be drastically reduced if you can provide people support with our live chat support for website.

When can you start providing chat support using our software application?

Immediately! There is nothing stopping you. Our trial version is totally free. Go to our website, register yourself, there is a setup link that you need to visit through your browser and once you have follow the steps, you will have installed the live chat support for websites software within a few minutes. There is no complication. It can be used out-of-the-box. Of course in case you want to customise there is no limit but if at the moment no customisation is required, you can start using our live customer service chat software right now, without any technical support. So go ahead, start providing customer support from your website with our live chat support for websites.

Chat Support Software

chat support software

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