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Allow your website visitors to interact with you through a chat window

If your website does not support a chat window you might be missing out on the great opportunities that can be yours for the taking in case people can chat on your website. These small chat pop-up windows might be tiny in appearance, but they can make enormous differences in the way people interact with you, do business with you and become your brand ambassadors.

But what exactly is a chat window? It's a small interface that is initiated when someone wants to interact with you through either text chatting or video/audio chatting. It is a totally real-time experience for you as well as your visitors and customers. Messages can be exchanged instantly and there is no lag. This stops people from going away from your website and you can hook them onto your website for as long as possible.

Chat Window

Pop-up as well as embedded chat window

Our chat software for business allows you to create embedded as well as pop-up chat window on your website. An embedded chat window would be something that stays, as the name suggests, at a particular point, most probably at the bottom-right corner of the browser window. It often blinks or displays a small messages in order to gain the attention of your visitors and encourages them to have a chat conversation with you

Pop-up live chat windows float around on the screen (within the browser window). This is the best way to gain people's attention because the window comes bang in front of them while they are browsing your website. Some visitors may find it annoying and you will need to learn the dynamics of your visitor behaviour by trying out various live chat windows

Our live chat tool is your window to a whole new world of opportunities

You can proactively approach people when they are on your website and offer them help using our live chat tool. Invite them to have a conversation with you to sort out their problems in case they cannot make up their minds or don't know how to proceed towards making a payment. If your existing customer is facing some problem with the product he or she has purchased from your website, you can immediately resolve the issue having a happy customer as a result. The faster you can solve their problems, the greater will be their loyalty. Of course the product needs to be exceptional but even if it is not but you provide a great customer service through your live chat widget people will prefer to buy from you rather than someone who does not have a chat interface. Anyway, various surveys have revealed that more than 82% prefer to do business with websites that have chat software for business installed.

A live chat widget with its own intelligence

We believe that merely having a live chat tool on your website doesn't really help much if it doesn't also help you know your visitors and customers well. Our live chat widget immediately tells the geographic location of the customer who is talking to you through your chat window. There is also a possibility of knowing the language of the person. The web analytics tool will tell you the last link outside of your website the person was wasting, the search engine through which the person came from and the keyword the person used in case he or she came from a search engine. The chat software for business can be easily customised – you can hire someone of your choice or you can let us know to get it fully integrated with the current setup of your website.

You can download our chat window software right now free of cost

Our 21-day trial version allows you to use our live chat tool for complete 21 days without any obligation. There is no requirement for payment and you get to use the most advanced features of our live chat widget. You can serve your visitors and customers in real-time. You can build a complete chat interface using our trial version and you can start taking customer calls immediately. So don't miss the opportunities that are coming to your website right now. Download and install our software today.

Chat Window

Chat Window

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