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Integrated chat software that works with all major business applications

Web-based digital tools are a part and parcel of every enterprise these days whether you are running a small business or a large business house. This is why we offer integrated chat software packages to our Enterprise customers who might already be running enterprise-level CRM and Web analytics applications and would like to interchange data with different applications, using our chat solutions. When you’ve integrated chat support software with your legacy applications the chances of data redundancy are minimised and information gaps between different business intelligence solutions are eliminated.

Integrated chat software

Why your enterprise needs an integrated chat software

Once you have decided that your business website needs integrated chat support software, you need to consider how well it implements with your existing applications that help you manage your customers as well as analyse their behaviour. Over the years you must have already gathered large amounts of intelligence that helps you make strategic decisions. This information might be invaluable. Although the information is not jeopardised with our live chat integration, it would be counter-productive if it is not available when you are chatting with your existing customers. Similarly, the intelligence that you gather while chatting with your customers should be available to your legacy systems. In the same manner, if you are using some advanced web analytics tool, the analytics information that is generated by our chat software should be integrated with the inherent tools of the analytics software. All these facilities are available in our live chat support application.

Our chat software can be easily integrated with your CRM system, Google Analytics and social networking accounts

If an existing customer contacts you via your live chat support the pre-existing details should be immediately available to you. These details are present in the CRM you have been using so far. Information like how many times the particular customer has purchased from you, exactly what items he or she has purchased, when those items were purchased, the address of the person and the previous problem that he or she might have faced with your product or service should immediately pop up in front of you the moment someone starts chatting with you. This becomes possible if our live chat integration is seamlessly implemented with your existing CRM system.

Would you like to know which of your chat agents can convert more? Exactly at what time casual visitors turn into paying customers and clients? Details like these can be easily exported into your Google Analytics account and then analysed using the advanced analysis and graphic capabilities of Google Analytics.

Why make your customers login each time they need to chat with you? These days people are constantly logged into their social networking accounts like Facebook and Google+. When integrated with your social networking tools, our chat solutions allow people to login using their social networking login details so that they can talk to you with least trouble.

You can use our integrated chat software free of cost for 21 days

Our 21-day trial version allows you to use our integrated chat software for full 21 days without even spending a dime. It’s totally free to use with all the Enterprise features. You will be able to use our integrated chat software in its full glory using all its enterprise features at no cost. You will be able to analyse your visitors and hold conversations with them in a highly informed manner. You can gather intelligence about your visitors and existing customers. You can play around with the various customisation features that come with our chat software. You can create an integrated set up with your existing web applications to see how our chat software works in conjunction with those applications.

It’s very easy to get our integrated chat software application. Just log on to our website – – register yourself for free (you don’t need to submit your credit card details) and then download the software. Within ten minutes you will be ready to chat.

Integrated chat software

Integrated chat software

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