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Integrated chat support software with best configurations options

Your business might be using multiple software applications to manage your customer data, social media marketing needs and web analytics. Naturally you would like your chat support software to integrate well with your existing tools so that you don't end up with a ton of duplicate data and management nightmare. Our chat support software follows an integrated approach that allows you to use a plethora of programming languages, cloud-based platforms and software tools.

Integrated chat support software

Our chat support software can be integrated with your legacy CRM software

There might be many reasons why your existing customer may contact you. Maybe she wants some assistance with the product she has just purchased. Maybe there is some confusion regarding the bill she has received or maybe the item that she received is not the one she had placed the order for. The point is, in case an existing customer contacts you via our real time chat software, her details should be immediately available to you and this is what happens when our software is integrated with your existing CRM software.

Another benefit of having your chat support software integrated with your CRM software is that whatever big and small bits of information that you store in your CRM immediately become available to your chat system. Maybe there were special notes created by the salesperson while trying to sell a particular product or a particular customer. What were those notes? Unless your chat support software is integrated with the existing CRM database, the person handling the chat conversation won't be able to find that out. Similarly, if a particular customer has a long history of buying from you, the entire list of products with their individual details should become immediately available when a chat conversation is initiated with that customer.

When integrated with social networking accounts our chat support software allows easy logging in

Sometimes people don't want to go to the trouble of submitting their names and email IDs while trying to chat with you. Most of the people are already logged into their social networking accounts such as Facebook and Google+. Especially when people are using their mobile devices they don't prefer to enter extra details before they can have a chat with you. Our live chat integration with popular social networking websites makes it so that people can immediately login and start chatting with you. Their profile details such as email address, name, postal address (if permitted by the social networking website API) immediately become available to you.

Our chat support software can be integrated with your Google analytics account

With our integrated chat software and Google analytics you can export data to your GA account so that you can analyse it using the rich features that are available in the analytics tool. Sophisticated chat statistics can be accessed from your favourite and familiar GA dashboard with just a few simple settings. Even the conversation statistics of individual chat operators and their success rate regarding how many chats actually lead to sales become available in your Google analytics account.

Integrated chat support software with full authentication

The strength of business data lies in its ability to become available in a standardised format. Our chat support software can be integrated with API'S using SOAP web services and JASON so that you can extract data from our web chat software database and make it available to other legacy applications like a CRM system and Google analytics.

Get a fully integrated chat support software application for your business for free

Integrated chat software is rather technical and this is why we make it available just in our Enterprise package. The Enterprise package is for larger businesses so we assume they use multiple legacy web chat software applications to manage different aspects of their businesses. But these complex features can become available to you free of cost if you download our 21-day trial version. We have made these advanced features available in our free version so that you get a complete taste of what all can be achieved using our real time chat software. So don't waste another minute. Register yourself on our website and download our fully live chat integration software right now.

Integrated chat support software

Integrated chat support software

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