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Our live chat app will immediately enliven your website and make it appear livelier. This is because things suddenly begin to happen as soon as people see a live chat icon somewhere on your website. They want to reach out to you even on a small pretext and this is a very good chance for you to change passive visitors into interested customers. The “online” status of your chat icon conveys a sense of activity and hubbub on your website. It signifies that someone is always there in case help is needed, in case there is a question that needs to be answered or in case there is a doubt that needs to be cleared. Normally what happens is, when people come to your website the explore around; in case they find what they’re looking for and in case they don’t get distracted, they buy it and if they don’t find or even if there is slightest distraction, they leave your website immediately, costing you a sale. Would you like to stop that? Remember that it is a well-known fact that 60 people out of 100 abandon your shopping cart midway due to one reason or another.

live chat app

You can stop people from going away with our live chat application

Installing a live chat application on your website means you can engage people in real time. You can talk to them. You can invite them to have a chat with you. If they feel like having a chat with you they can quickly click your live chat icon that you prominently display on your website. The live chat application for website suddenly opens a floodgate of opportunities for communicating with each other. This “live” action is missing if there is no chat app active on your website. Everything is quiet and dreary and worse, apathetic. In case nothing inspires them, they leave your website as quietly as they come, in most of the cases, never to come back. They forget about your website the moment they move on to another website. You can change that by installing our live chat app.

When you talk to people using live chat applications you stop them from going away suddenly. Normally they are in a state of distraction whether it is some distraction happening around them in the physical world or an umpteen number of browser tabs that they must have opened in front of them. On the Internet distractions galore. What is needed is some sort of interaction and that interaction can be facilitated by having website chat widget active. Either they will reach out to you or you will reach out to them. You can welcome them with an invite to have a chat with you as soon as they arrive on your website or you can wait for some minutes (if they are still around it means to a great extent they are interested in your website and hence a good chance that they will have a chat with you). You can also set up automatic triggers that inform you to invite people to have a chat with you when they have spent a particular amount of time on your website or when they are browsing through particular pages or when they are amidst a particular stage of your shopping cart checkout process.

A website chat widget that moulds according to the preference of your visitors and yours

When you start using our live chat app you are not tied down to your computer or laptop. You can use our website chat widget even on your tablet or your smart phone. Similarly, if your visitors or customers want to chat with you one-on-one, face-to-face, they can use video chat. If they don’t want to use video and they also don’t want to use text chat, they can also use audio chat. But if they have text chat the transcripts of the chat can be emailed to both the parties once the chat is over. Hence, there are different ways you can interact with your visitors and customers.

Download the best live chat app now

There is no reason why you shouldn’t download and install the best live chat application for website now. No cost is involved. You can use our free version for straight 21 days and the free version comes with all the features you are ever going to need whether you have a small business or a large enterprise. Quickly log on to, register yourself, create a free account and then download the software, The scripts will be emails to you simply copy and paste them onto your website, within a few minutes you will be engaging your visitors and customers using our live chat app and making a marked difference in your sales even with our free version.

live chat app

live chat app

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