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Live chat application that opens up the floodgates of opportunities for your business

Once you have installed our live chat application on your website the sky is the limit when it comes to creating opportunities for your business. Our live chat application allows you to directly talk to your visitors and turn them into loyal customers. People greatly admire your desire to solve their problems. When you proactively approach people and offer them help, whether they eventually buy from you or not, can earn you great relationships and many of these relationships sooner or later begin to bring business to you. Doing business, especially online, these days is less about promotion and marketing and more about constant engagement. People are looking for direct contact. They don’t want your promotional messages thrust down their throats. They want to interact with you and have a one-on-one experience with you, which you can only provide using a live chat application.

Live chat application

Different ways you can increase your sales using our live chat application

The basic purpose of installing live chat application on your website is to be able to talk to people. The more you engage them in meaningful conversations, the greater is the chance that they are going to do business with you. But what do you talk about? Since yours is a business website, you cannot have casual chit chatter. It is given that you’re going to have a conversation about your business, about the benefits of doing business with you and the great deals that you can offer in real time. Even your visitors want to talk about these things with you. When they cannot make up their minds, their first instinct is either to leave your website and if a chat icon is visible, to click on that icon and initiate a conversation with you so that they can get some advice. In most of the cases they are going to go for the latter option and this is good for you. It means once people have contacted you, it’s up to you how you convince them and using your salesmanship, you will be able to turn more visitors into customers.

You can create offers on-the-fly. Suppose a particular visitor does not find the offer on your website convincing enough. No problem! You can offer an alternative to that visitor. This is something your website on its own can never achieve.

Many people will leave your website during the checkout process. This is a great opportunity to increase your sales manifold. Even if you can stop half of these people from leaving your website using our live chat facility, it will make a huge difference to your bottom line as 60% people are known to abandon shopping carts midway.

Why more and more businesses are using live chat applications

A live chat facility makes it easier for businesses to contact their visitors and customers and makes it equally easier for your visitors and customers to contact the people managing the businesses. Businesses also understand that people are more comfortable interacting using text messaging rather than having to call or having to email. These are, though effective means of communication, a bit slow compared to using live chat applications. Here is why – with our live chat application for website, you can carry out an unlimited number of chat conversations simultaneously. This means, you can have multiple chat windows open at the same time. Can you do this on telephone?

Can you attend to multiple phone calls at the same time? No you cannot. Similarly, can you reply to multiple email messages at the same time? No, you cannot. But you can do so using our live chat app. This is why it becomes possible for you to reduce the response time to such level. One chat agent can handle multiple chat conversations. This is one of the biggest reasons why businesses are adapting chatting applications at great speed.

Get your very own live chat application right now

Simply log on to our website – – register for free, download the live chat app. You will be emailed the live chat application for website script, simply copy and paste this into your site and you will be interacting with your customers using our live chat applications in just a few minutes.

Live chat application

Live chat application

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