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We bring you one of the best live chat applications for free for 21 days. It means for three complete weeks you can use our live chat application on your website without purchasing one of our premium versions.

You might be losing hundreds of visitors without ever turning them into your paying customers because you are not giving them the right interactivity tool. People these days are used to coming across different live chat applications on websites and when they see such an application missing on your website they suddenly develop a negative perception about your business. It means you are not keeping up with the times.

Live Chat Application

Live chat applications are ubiquitous

Go to every e-commerce website and you will come across one or another sort of live chat application. A big reason why such applications are going mainstream is because people have had multiple problems with conventional ways of communication especially when it comes to online businesses. Telephone has been a big problem for a long time. The tales about people being put on hold indefinitely are almost legendary. Almost the same problem manifests with email. You submit a support contact form and then you never hear from them. This is not the case with live chat. The response is immediate and the interaction that takes place is real-time. No longer you need to put your visitors and customers on hold. No longer your visitors and customers need to wait for your email to appear in their inboxes. The moment they contact you, you can respond to them. This is a big reason why live chat applications are visible on almost every website that intends to do serious business.

People trust websites having live chat applications more than the websites that don’t

More than live chat applications, the reality is that it’s the level of interactivity that brings people back to your website again and again. When you interact with your visitors on a daily basis, they begin to trust you. They know that in case they have a problem, it will be very easy to reach out to you. Often it is not about a product or service that makes a business successful, it’s the way a business deals with its customers and clients. The same goes for your website. People will turn up to do business with you primarily because they know that you can talk to them real-time and solve their problem there and then.

Websites with a live chat app are in a better position to serve their customers

This is because one, the response is instantaneous. Unlike telephone and email, people don’t have to wait and to be frank, they don’t have much patience these days. Everybody has become used to instant messaging and they want the same experience when they come to shop on your website. Two, you can have an unlimited number of chat windows open in front of you. When you provide support with telephone, you can take care of just one telephone call at a time. In the same vein, when you provide support by email, you can reply to just one email at a time. But due to the nature of interactivity using hosted live chat, you can easily juggle between multiple windows without the customer even realising. This is because most of the conversation happens via text chat and while someone is typing in a response, you can quickly switch to another window to attend to another customer’s problem.

This is where creating canned responses can prove to be a great help. You can immensely speed up your response time if you already have canned responses to repeat questions and queries.

Businesses are installing hosted live chat – so should you

If you have been trying out various hosted live chat this is the right time to install one. Click4Assistance offers a 21-day trial version with a full litany of features that you can get in highly advanced live chat app. These features come in our Enterprise version. We offer the most advanced features in our trial version so that you can try out the features for free whether you are a small business or a large enterprise. Just log on to our website, register for free and download the live chat app to your desktop.

Live Chat Application

Live Chat Application

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