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Benefits of using live chat applications on your website

Live chat applications can immediately improve the level of engagement that you can carry out on your website but this is just a tiny part of the floodgates of opportunities that live chat applications open once you have installed them on your website. But why is effective engagement important for your business?

The Internet is full of distractions. There are zillions of websites vying for people's attention. Even when they need to buy something important sometimes they get distracted and go to another website. In order to be able to make them buy from you, you have to hook them onto your website for as long as possible and the best way of doing this is by installing live chat applications on your website.

Live chat applications

10 benefits of using live chat applications on your website

  1. Live chat gives a positive perception of your website: One of the most important applications of live chat is that it gives a positive perception of your website and studies have revealed that more than 82% people are more eager to do business with websites running the UK premium live chat app.
  2. It helps you differentiate yourself from other companies that do not have a live chat application installed on their website.
  3. Live chat helps you respond quickly: Live chat application for websites allow you to respond quickly to customer and visitor queries in case they have a problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.
  4. It helps you assist your customers when they cannot purchase on their own: a website chat tool allow you to provide help to your customers in real-time so that they don't abandon your shopping cart midway in case a problem crops up.
  5. Respond to multiple queries at the same time: This is a special feature in the live chat app that Click4Assistance provides. Using our live chat software you can open unlimited windows and interact with unlimited people at the same time – this is something that cannot be achieved with the telephone or email where you can only respond to one query at a time.
  6. Improve your conversion rate: The inbuilt web analytics feature allows you to calculate which keywords perform the best when people come to your website via search engines and then accordingly make changes to improve your conversion rate.
  7. Completely secure system: One of the greatest features of our live chat application is that we use 256-bit encryption to make your chat interactions as secure as possible. The software even blocks out any credit card or account numbers that may have been entered ensuring full PCI compliance.
  8. Increase customer loyalty: Live chat application for websites allow you to respond to people's queries in earnest. When you are able to solve people's problems they become loyal to your business.
  9. Saved transcripts of chat conversations: The chat transcripts of the conversations that you have with your prospective and existing customers are saved as well as emailed to both the parties just to make sure there is no communication gap in case a follow-up conversation takes place.
  10. Full knowledge of visitor activities on your website: The inbuilt web analytics tool that comes with our website chat tool allows you to monitor the activities of your visitors while they go through various sections on your website. You can get a list of the pages they have visited so far and the amount of time they have spent on individual pages. You can also know the geographic location. There is a slew of information bits that you can get using the inbuilt web analytics tool.

These are but just a cursory glance of a long list of benefits that you can derive out of the live chat applications that Click4Assistance offers as different packages.

You can download one of our live chat applications right now

Downloading our live chat application is quite easy and it doesn't involve any sort of payment. Our 21-day trial version comes totally free and you don't even need your credit card in order try it. All you need to do is sign up on our website, following the instructions to download the software and then add the script to your website . So go ahead, businesses are using live chat applications with great speed. Don't get left behind. Install our live chat app right now from our website.

Live chat applications

Live chat applications

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