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We are among the very few live chat companies you can trust

There is a reason why you can trust only a few live chat companies and fortunately, we are among the selected few. This is something that we don't say just because we want to unnecessarily put ourselves into the bracket of those companies providing live chat app, we actually have a track record backed by hundreds of satisfied customers. On the Internet, if you have the capacity to search, there are thousands of live chat companies you can find going through various directories, search engine listings and even social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But how many you can actually work with? How do you know which live chat provider you would like to partner with in order to engage your visitors and customers on your website and consequently, increase your sales?

live chat companies

Why are there only a few reliable live chat companies on the Internet?

Whenever a niche goes mainstream, every sort of player tries to enter the niche. The place gets overcrowded. This is more so on the Internet where the entry-cost is practically minimal. Have a basic live chat app, register yourself a domain, sign up with a hosting company and there you have it, one of the live chat companies. There are pros and cons to the situation. The positive thing is, as a small player you can enter the market and if you have created a good product (live chat facility in this case) you can even give bigger, established live chat companies a run for their money. But if you have a mediocre product, and if you have lots of time at your hand, you can go on spamming the search engine listings and luring unsuspecting customers to your website. This creates problems even for people who have got a genuine live chat product to offer.

Why you should be wary of live chat companies promoting mediocre products?

There are many reasons you should be wary of live chat companies promoting mediocre products.

  • The list of features will be quite limited
  • They will be outsourcing most of their support work to service providers from other countries who have no idea of how you speak and what might be your problems
  • Effective support will be practically non-existent
  • The live chat software will be buggy
  • You won't be able to proactively engage your visitors

You need to keep in mind that installing a live chat facility must be an asset rather than a liability and live chat companies that offer you mediocre products with mediocre after-sales service, become a liability and after a while, they begin to cost you business rather than earn you business.

Why you should use Click4Assistance among the various live chat providers?

We are among the very few live chat providers providing a full-fledged customer support application. Here is a small list of reasons you should choose us compared to another live chat company:

  • Our live chat tool box has a comprehensive set of features
  • You can run practically entire business using our chat solution
  • Our entire development, marketing and support staff is based in the UK – we understand your regional problems and we speak your accent
  • We can help you completely customise our chat solution according to your website layout and branding needs
  • Our live chat app is very easy to install
  • We offer a 21-day trial version that comes with all the premium features, free of cost
  • Our inbuilt web analytics tool gives you all the information you need about your visitors and customers in order to strike up meaningful and effective conversations
  • The package includes customisable contact forms that will generate leads for you even when you cannot remain online
  • You can integrate our live chat application with your existing CRM – something many live chat companies don't provide
  • We provide support during your working hours
  • You can carry out unlimited chats at the same time
  • We use 256-bit encryption to enable you to carry out highly confidential interactions
  • You can carry out chats using text, video and audio
  • You can create canned responses to reduce chances of error and repetition

The list may appear a bit longer, but in terms of the features that we have, this is a small list and we haven't been able to include all the features and benefits that come with our live chat app

Have you gone through the websites of various live chat providers? Good. Now download your application from Click4Assistance

Research is always good. We're pretty sure you have carefully gone through the offerings at various live chat companies and you're also sure that you have finally settled down to the live chat facility from Click4Assistance. There is no need to delay now. Register on our website if you haven't already done so. Go ahead. Start engaging your visitors and customers today.

Live Chat Companies

live chat companies

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