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Live chat customer service is fast becoming a norm

There was a time when providing live chat customer service from the website used to be a novelty but this no longer remains the case. Every major website these days provides customer service chat and it makes perfect sense. More than 82% people have a positive perception about a website that has a live chat icon and they assume that it provides excellent customer service. A great number of people have repeatedly expressed that they are more eager to buy from websites that provide customer support service through live chat software. What is so great about providing customer service chat?

Live chat customer service

Live chat customer service is immediately available

Unlike telephone and email, live chat customer service is immediately available. A great problem with telephone and email is that communication can only happen 1-1. At one time you can handle just one telephone call. At one time you can answer to only one email query. Even if you have multiple people answering to telephone calls and email queries, when there is a deluge of queries and questions, it becomes humanly impossible to keep up the pace. You're going to have to put people on hold and you're going to have to wait people to get their email replies. There is no escape from that and every regular customers has had a harrowing experience with different businesses whenever they have tried to get their problems solved via telephone and email.

Live chat customer service on the other hand happens faster. Yes, sometimes one needs to wait, but it is not as much as you need to wait during telephone calls and emails. People have this sense of immediacy when they come across a chat icon. They know that the moment they click the icon and enter their details, someone is going to respond. Someone is going to talk in real-time and provide answers to their questions immediately. This is a great moral booster. And provided they like your answers, they are going to come back to you again and again, and they are also going to bring more people to your business.

Live chat customer service just the way you or your customers want

There are multiple ways you can provide live chat customer service with our live chat application. There is text chatting that comes to your software by default. You can also have two-way video chat provided both the parties have web cams installed. Audio chat is also available. Not interested in live chat? Your customers can also use the inbuilt contact form to leave you messages so that you can get back to them later on.

The contact form feature can also help you if you cannot remain online all the time. While you are away minding other aspects of your business or life, our live chat customer service software can go on generating hot leads for you by enabling people to leave their details using the contact form.

Provide the best live chat support for website with our robust web analytics tool

A fruitful conversation can happen only if you properly know the other person. In the real world there are many ways you can know the person and acquaint yourself with his or her behaviour. But in the virtual world, most of your knowledge acquisition depends on software and user behaviour. As soon as someone enters your website, you will be able to track his or her movements. You will be able to see which pages the person is visiting and how much time he or she is spending on individual pages. You will know the current page of the person when the chat conversation begins. The live chat service software also tells you what keyword he or she used in case he or she found your website on a search engine. Aside from these critical details, you can also know the geographic location of the person, the business or company he or she represents and how many times and what products he or she has already purchased on your website (if an existing CRM is already integrated with our live chat service software).

You can start providing a live chat service right now from your website

There is nothing to stop you if you want to provide live chat support for websites right now. Just log onto, register yourself From there you will be able to download the software. You will be able to provide customer service using our live chat support for websites within a few minutes. So don't wait, download the live chat application now.

Live chat customer service

Live chat customer service

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