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Integration is seamless with our live chat

Integration is the most pressing need of a serious business while installing software like live chat. Rather than being a standalone application it needs to integrate well with existing infrastructure of your website whether it is the layout of your website or the legacy software that you are using to serve your customers well.

Once you decide to install our live chat we provide you bespoke integration services so that you can easily use your existing software and data analysis applications with our integrated chat software. We have an in-house team of developers totally at ease with social media, Google analytics and API data extraction technologies being used by businesses to gather intelligence and create a social presence in a more aware manner.

Live chat integration

Live chat integration with any format and any platform

Our live chat is fully compatible with multiple platforms with stringent authentication requirements. We integrated chat software with API's using SOAP web services and JASON. For example if you want to extract transcript information from our inbuilt database and collate it with your customer relationship management system so that there is no gap in understanding visitor behaviour and customer dynamics our in-house programmers can easily help you with that.

Integrated chat support software with Google analytics to enable you to observe visitor actions such as when someone has logged in to initiate a chat, when was the chat started, was a callback requested and was the after-chat survey completed?

Our API data extraction capabilities allow you to extract a wealth of information from our own chat database including visitor and operator data and use it with your existing systems for further data analysis and intelligence gathering.

Live chat integration gives our application an edge over other off-the-shelf products in the market

Major businesses and organizations in the UK use our live chat for its integration abilities with the existing IT systems. Our in-house development team that is completely based in the UK will work in close consultation with your IT department and create data export and extraction modules to make communication seamless. We can also develop automated routines so that data can be exchanged with your legacy systems such as CRM, automated marketing products and telephone systems.

Don't want your visitors to login separately when wanting to chat with you? You can enable your visitors to start chatting with you using their Facebook and Google+ login information. When they, use their Facebook or Google+ login information to chat with you, you will be able to view their profile information. This also makes it easier for people to chat with you without having to create an account since in most of the computers people prefer to remain logged in when they are using their social media accounts.

Why we put so much stress on integrated chat software

Integration live chat with your legacy systems is not just a fancy feature. Your business depends on that. For years you must have been using your favorite CRM software. Tons of data must have been collected using the software and this data contains a wealth of information that can catapult your business to new heights. We don't want there to be a gap between our live chat facility and the various software applications you happen to be using. We want to do integration with your CRM system, with your Google analytics account and with your social media activities in which you have invested so much.

When it comes to engaging people on your website it's all about the raw data that you obtain out of various interactions. The same happens with our live chat facility. When you continuously talk to people using our chat solutions, you are gathering data. Therefore integration with your existing systems is a must. Without that, every time you use a new application, you will be beginning from scratch, this can be disastrous for your business.

Looking for full integrated chat support software?

If you're looking for full integrated chat support software with your legacy systems, then you shouldn't waste another minute. Just log onto our website and install our chat solutions onto your web server. The integration process is very easy but even if you require help, just let us know and we will be there to help you in no time.

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