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Live chat integration with your legacy applications

Live chat integration allows you to use our live chat facility with your legacy applications such as CRM, accounting, inventory management, Google analytics and even social networking management tools. These features exist so that you are not stuck with our real time chat software as a lone application. Doing business, especially in the digital world, is an ecosystem of multiple digital tools and all these tools need to work in sync in order to increase your efficiency. You should be able to port data between different applications without losing accuracy.

Live Chat Integration

Integration is one of the main features of our real time chat software

The integration feature is primarily for large enterprises and big businesses because according to our experience, small businesses normally don’t use enterprise-level CRM and inventory management tools. But that’s just our assumption based on the profile of our customers that we have been able to collect so far. We understand that every business is unique. You might be a big business even if you have employed just a couple of professionals. As we repeatedly mention on our website, upgrading and downgrading our live chat on website is just a matter of a few clicks.

The integration feature of our live chat support comes with our Enterprise version. With this feature, if you are using a legacy CRM you can connect it to our live chat facility so that data from both the applications is available to each other. How do you use this data?

Suppose a customer logs in and starts chatting with you. He or she is an existing customer. So details about the previous purchases made by this customer must already exist in your CRM database. These details should be available to you while you are having chat with the customer so that you can talk to him or her in an informed atmosphere. You can immediately access the purchase history in case the person has made multiple purchases. In case he or she has been having some problem with your product, you can also access the history of chats, phone calls and emails that have so far been exchanged with this customer. It will not only increase the efficiency of your support staff, your customer will also appreciate the fact that you have enough information to serve him or her well.

Live chat integration with other business management tools

Of course you won’t just be using a CRM to manage your business. You must also be using a plethora of other tools such as Google Analytics, XML database tools and social media and social networking integration tools. These can be easily integrated with our live chat on website to maximise efficiency as well is data interchange. For example, many e-commerce websites these days allow customers to login using their social networking credentials from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These credentials can also be used with our live chat support. Since most of the people prefer to remain logged in from their personal devices, it speeds up the process and whenever they need to chat with you, they don’t need to login repeatedly. They can immediately initiate a chat conversation with you.

Live chat integration with your content management system

Are you using a content management systems such as Drupal, WordPress or Joomla!? These are all major PHP-based content management systems. Our real time chat software can be easily integrated with your existing content management system so that you can start chatting with your visitors and customers with little fuss. All it takes incorporating a small piece of code into your CRM template. You can decide where you want your chat button to appear. You can also decide whether you’re going to have an embedded chat button or a floating chat button. You will be able to customise the appearance of the online and off-line status chat buttons according to your branding preferences.

Looking for full integration of your existing systems with our live chat facility?

Although live chat integration with your existing legacy systems is comparatively easier it does require a little bit of programming knowledge. You may need to hire a programmer to do the job. In case you don’t feel like hiring a programmer, you can simply let us know and we will gladly help out with the live chat integration with your existing systems

Live Chat Integration

Live Chat Integration

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