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Put live chat on your website and start growing your business right away

Are you wondering why people are coming to your website but very few actually make a purchase? The interactivity level is extremely low or completely non-existent. If you feel you are getting targeted traffic and if the targeted traffic is not converting, you can put live chat on websites and start growing your business right away. All you need to do is start interacting with your visitors and in case there are some doubts in the minds, you need to clear those doubts. In case they get distracted on your website, with the help of live chat you can remove those distractions or at least, prevent them from getting distracted. With constant chat you can keep them focused and help them move towards your shopping cart.

live chat on website

How putting live chat on websites can help you grow your business faster

People abandon your website either without even trying to buy from you or leaving midway while they are on their way to the shopping cart or the checkout point. On both occasions you can stop people from leaving your website and assist them complete the purchase. In case they don’t know exactly what to buy from your website, through live chat for website you can explain to them or you can offer them a product best suited to their need. Even if right now they don’t need to buy from you, you should be able to tell them that through your chat interface.

People who are already in the midst of adding items to your shopping cart are already a focused group. You need to monitor them carefully using the analytics tool that comes with our live chat software for websites and make sure they complete the process. While they are adding items to your shopping cart you can politely approach them using our chat windows to have a conversation with you or at least let you assist them while they are making a purchase. This way if they face some problem instead of quickly leaving your website, they know whom to approach. So when you turn casual visitors into prospective customers and prospective customers into paying customers, your business grows because more sales means more growth.

Full customisation and branding of our web live chat solution according to your website

The chat solution for websites that you install doesn’t need to stand out like a third-party tool. As a respectable business you would like to customise it and brand it according to your existing template and logo. You can put your logo in the chat. You can change the colour and font scheme. You can make the web live chat solution completely look the way your website looks so that it becomes an integral part of your website. Although it depends on the level of customisation you are looking for, it can become a tricky process for some. It is better that you hire someone who knows how to design websites and do a little bit of coding. If you don’t want to hire someone you can let us know and our designers will gladly customise your web live chat solution according to your website.

Chat solutions for websites for the pros as well as amateurs

As we have repeatedly stressed on our site, our live chat for websites is completely scalable. Whether you are a pro or amateur, you can make use of our live chat on websites by choosing the right package. For a small business or for an amateur, we have the Lite version of our live chat software for websites that although does not have many features, it is apt for the sort of requirements that are present when running a small business or an amateur website. On the flip side, the Professional and Enterprise packages are well suited for medium-sized and big businesses as well as professionals. These packages come with advanced reporting and integration capabilities. As a large enterprise must be using different software applications to grow your business and these applications must have data that can be used by our chat solutions for websites in order to give you the needed information. This is where integration is needed. You may also like to study the efficacy of our live chat system using Google analytics that you must have installed on your website. This can also be integrated with our chat application.

Need to grow your business right now? Install live chat on websites right away

Installing live chat on websites would be the sure shot way of improving your business. This is because you will be straightaway interacting with people and when you interact with them, they eagerly do business with you. Our trial version comes totally free. Just register on our website and download the software. Once you have uploaded the script and established live chat on websites, you will be amazed to discover how fast your business grows.

live chat on website

live chat on website

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