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Live chat pricing that perfectly fits the bill

The live chat pricing at Click4Assistance has been structured in such a manner that it suits the budget of every business. We don’t want our pricing to be a detriment, rather, we want it to be totally amiable to your current business requirements. We believe that chat support software can be a great asset to every business, whether you have a small business or a big business or a government agency or an educational institution or a healthcare unit.

Live chat pricing

What makes our live chat pricing so convenient for your business

We have different packages for different business-sizes. Normally what happens on different live chat websites is that the pricing is very intimidating. The moment you log on, you see the pricing and you wish you could have a better option so that you could also leverage the benefits of business chat service. But these pricing packages are not designed to suit business of all sizes, they are simply designed to maximise the profit-making capacities of these business live chat companies. Most of these companies assume that only bigger businesses desire to use hosted live chat on their websites whereas this is not the case. Even smaller businesses these days want to reach out to their customers and clients and nothing is better than using business chat service.

How pricing makes a big difference when it comes to installing business live chat on your website

Although we offer a trial version initially, after you have exhausted the trial version, you need to pay a monthly fee. This happens with every business live chat software application that you use, whether you install it from our website or from another website. It’s a recurring cost – you will have to pay every month. Although our chat support software generates enough business to make up for the cost, multiple times, initially you may feel a bit hesitant towards the investment, especially when you are still learning the ropes (despite using the trial version, some businesses take time to adapt to the new mode of communication and this is perfectly understandable). Small businesses are cautious of repetitive costs. This is why we have designed different packages for different sizes of businesses. Our Lite package is easily affordable. To a small business, it just costs around £ 6.95 every month and this pricing is something that every business can afford. But then how do we differentiate between big and small businesses?

Live chat pricing corresponding to the needs of your business

Our live chat pricing is easily corresponds to the needs of your business. If you run a small business, then obviously you don’t have multiple departments. Being a small business you may also not have many employees among whom you may need to route ongoing chats. A small business rarely uses enterprise-level CRM systems and hence, there isn’t much need for integration. Again, complex customisation wouldn’t be needed for a small business.

On the other hand businesses availing Professional and Enterprise versions may have multiple departments and may have complex integration needs. This is where these features are available in higher packages with greater pricing options. A big business or a big institution requires complicated reporting. As a big business you may also need to integrate our hosted live chat software with your legacy CRM and analytics tools.

Choose the best pricing for your hosted live chat package according to your business needs

Are you ready to install our cutting-edge business live chat software on your website? Then choose the right pricing. You will be immediately able to engage your visitors and customers in real-time. No matter which package you choose, no matter which pricing you opt for, you will enjoy 256-bit encryption to make sure that every interaction is completely safe from prying eyes. Automatic notifications will allow you to strike up meaningful conversations at the most appropriate moments. You will be able to assist your visitors make better decisions and hence increase your sales to a great extent.

For the initial 21 days you needn’t worry about the pricing no matter what live chat package you intend to use later on. The trial version gives you all the power features that come in the Enterprise package. Just log on to our website, register for free. Once you have downloaded the software, you will need to upload script onto your website. It’s very easy. You can start installing live chat right now. No financial commitment. No credit card needed. No obligation. Once the trial is over should you choose to subscribe you can then choose 1 of our 3 live chat pricing options.

Live chat pricing

Live chat pricing

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