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Live chat provider that totally focuses on your business needs

You have finally found a live chat provider that understands your business needs and scales the live chat support software offering accordingly. For example, depending on the size of your business, you can easily scale our live web chat software with just a few clicks. Of course different packages cost differently, but the whole point of providing different packages is that every business should be able to afford an online chat system. So if you’re looking for a live chat provider that is going to stick around with you for a long time, welcome to

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Why Click4assistance is your preferred live chat provider

As your live chat provider we understand your business requirements. We totally get it when you talk about reducing operational costs and increasing operational efficiency. This is exactly what you achieve when you install our online chat software. On our website we have listed three packages to suit all business needs: Lite, Professional and Enterprise. As you can easily understand by the names, the Lite package is for small businesses. It has all the features that a small business may require in order to efficiently engage visitors and customers. It comes with 256-bit encryption technology that keeps all your interactions safe and private.

As the level of the package increases, so does the availability of features. We know that there are some features that are required by enterprise-level businesses. Some mid-level features are required by medium-sized businesses. And a small number of features (although with full capabilities) are required by small-sized businesses. This saves you from needlessly getting bogged down by all those features that you are not going to use in near future (as a small business).

A live chat provider you can grow your business with

Looking for a live chat provider who is going to be there even when your business grows in leaps and bounds? You see, we too are growth oriented. Our business has been growing with great speed and we love to work with businesses with the same passion for growth. This is why we are constantly doing research and development to pack as many features as possible to our live chat support software so that once you start using it, when it comes to serving your visitors and customers, you need to rely on third-party tools and applications as little as possible. For example, our inbuilt web analytics tool can help you analyse your visitor behaviour once he or she is on your website. You will be able to find which pages he or she has visited on your website and how much time he or she has spent on individual pages giving you a fair idea of what sort of information he or she is looking for and then accordingly, you can strike up a conversation with him or her.

While we add new features to our live web chat software as a provider that is constantly striving to keep your installation future-proof, we are also always sensitive towards your need to keep the feature-list as minimal as possible. We don’t want to unnecessary bloat your online chat system installation. Our online chat software packages are flexible enough. You can easily upgrade and downgrade without much fuss. This is to keep your business as lean as possible as far as your live chat goes.

Partner with the most reliable live chat provider for seamless business growth

Business growth on the Internet means constantly engaging your visitors and customers meaningfully. The interaction needs to go on all the time whether it is initiated from your side or from your visitors and customers side. You have a complete arsenal with you. You can analyse user behaviour. You can set up automatic triggers so that you can have appropriate conversations with your visitors and customers at the most opportune time. You can intervene just when it matters. You can engage people and keep them on your website for a longer time. Even when you are not online, our inbuilt contact form allows you to gather leads. It has been observed that although people are not very enthusiastic about using the standard contact form, once they have clicked your chat button they are more eager towards submitting your contact form when they find you off-line. So let us be your preferred live chat provider. Log onto our website, register yourself for free, and download the software now.

Live Chat Provider

Live Chat Provider

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